Friday, January 29, 2010

Misty morning Goose Bay, Kaikoura

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A weeks holiday at Goose Bay, Kaikoura gave us a week of misty mornings that lasted most of the day. This was the view from our caravan, even the Gulls seem lost. Fortunately the mist blew away about lunchtime and the sun came blazing out so we had half a nice day usually, but it was never cold as it is supposed to be Summer!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Festival Fireworks

Today the Picton Maritime Festival was held, on an unsettled day weather wise, the was scattered rain disrupting the fun events all day. I was forced to run for cover during a heavy down pour so came home, But in the evening it was much better weather so the huge crowd was able to watch and listen to the fireworks display. Seeing fireworks over the water adds a whole new dimension to the lights and booms. I captured these, my first ever try at firework photography, from our balcony. The boom really echoed around the hills and the sky was all lit up.
A most enjoyable display, better than my photos show!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainbow over Picton.

SkyWatch friday.

Rainbow over Picton, from Oxley's Rock Apartment building to Harbour View Motels building, right over our neighbour Monties home, and Beachcomber Hotel behind that.
A rainbow is God's promise never to again allow destruction requiring an ark, so we can expect Picton to prosper.
This rainbow started high in the sky and gradually sank down over the town till it was at ground level and vanished.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Goldy glow

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A overcast sky produced this golden glow.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buying fresh fish in Picton

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Buying Fresh fish in Picton.
It is illegal for the fishermen to sell their catch off their boats to the general public, they must sell to the Fisheries so it can all be counted against their Quotas, but This Lady fisherman is different, she has applied for and got a special liscence to allow her to sell from her own boat to anyone. We are amoung her good customers, from our house we can see when her ship leaves port and when it returns so we are always there to buy fish for our dinners..
Caroline not only catches and sells the fish she also fillets it while you wait. The fish is stored in the pale blue bin, you can choose your own fish from there. She usually has many different species to choose from at all different prices, but none of them too expensive. Butterfish is one of the more expensive because it lives among the kelp and rocks so is more dangerous to catch. It has green bones which is quite interesting and pretty.

Here she is weighing our fish, there is a red Parrot fish, 2 Kelpies and a bigger Butterfish., we dined well for several days from this catch.

Friday, January 08, 2010

My big red roses

My Big Red Roses.
They have grown so well they tower over the garage and reach for the sky. They are in fact climbing roses.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Little Train of Picton

This is My World this week.
Erle and I have recently volunteered to run the the little train that runs on the Foreshore of Picton for the children. The train has been running for about 40 years I think, a long time. This is a voluntary job, Erle drives the small train loaded with small children passengers and the occasional adult who wishes to re enjoy their youthful fun, the ride costs just 20 cents per person amazing value and a price all can afford so many many take the opportunity of riding the little train. There is a waterfall to drive under and a bridge to go over and another to go beneath, plus a small forest to go through, and all the time it is driving around a small lake. This is avery popular feature on the foreshore. In fact at the end of the day we reconned that over 400 children had enjoyed a ride.
I work as the Station Master who rings the bell and waves the flags and takes the money for rides and sail boat hires which are also just 20 cents a hire.
We hire out lovely old fashioned sail boats for the boys to play with in the small lake, this is a joy most have never had before, in fact several asked me where the motor was and how to turn it on! These are equipt with 2 good sails and they skim across the water real fast when a breeze catches them. The kids love to race them around the lake, they are not suposed to go into the water but I see that they sometimes do!
A young man caught in the act.
Ofcause there are numerous other volunteers beside us, in fact some of the photos show others working.