Monday, June 11, 2012

Last few days at Club Med Bintan Island.

The next day our good friends were leaving, they decided we should all meet up at the pool straight after breakfast, in our swim suits and make a valiant effort to drink the cocktail bar dry!
We gathered at the pool and started ordering our cocktails all different types, we were not fussy! We swam every now and again as we got too hot in the tropical sun, all the while we chatted and laughed til it was lunch time and Raf and Scott had to be on the bus to leave this lovely place. We were all rather sad as we shall not ever meet again, amazing how well we had got on together as there was a huge age differance between us, from 75 years to 26 years.
Erle and I were rather subdued for an hour or so then we took ourselves off to the Archery Ground and learned a new sport. Erle turned out to be quite good at this and even won a medal for his efforts, I was very on and off and won nothing, any good shots were flukes!
A singer from the band who entertained us offered to draw a henna tattoo on my hand, it is a fish a seahorse and a guardian to protect us. I was very honoured by this gift.
We filled the last 4 days with swimming and archery and eating!

We can thoroughly recommend Club Med Bintan for a great holiday.