Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Port Underwood Sounds

Port Underwood Sounds

My World for this week.
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The small group of houses at Hakahaka bay, mainly holiday homes.
Pretty veiw from the top of Hakahaka Hill, pretty much a mountain! The tiny island just visible in the top centre is where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed for the top of the South Island way back in the 1880's, as far as I know noone lives on the island any more but in days gone by there was a Maori Pa there, and in several other places within these safe waters..
Another veiw of Port Underwood showing some of the forestry, Radiata Pine plantations, and the island where the Treaty was signed, the sea is so blue because the water is very deep, its a great natural deep water port, but because it is so isolated it is not used a lot. There is a good wharf at the Port used mainly by fishing boats. Great fishing in this area.A very poor blurry view of Port Underwood town such as it is, there are no shops or businesses, from the wharf, showing lots of moored boats, very few people actually live here the population is decidedly seasonal!
The road going over the hill is a very long narrow windy steep alternative road to Blenheim, not used greatly.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rarangi Beach sunset.

Sky Watch.

A beautiful Rarangi Beach sunset.
I forgot to mention that my Sister Rowena took this photo for me. She still lives at Rarangi, as I did long ago.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Autumn beauty.

Autumn Colour.
While driving the taxi around the streets of Blenheim I came across these beautiful trees and just had to stop a capture the colour.
Isn't Autumn or Fall just a beautiful season.
Theses trees are called Liquidamber trees.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Grain silo's Grovetown

The Grain Silo's at Grovetown store mainly barley for a pig farm in the district. Just a quiet country lane beneath a gentle windy late Autumn sky.
Sky Watch meme entry for this week.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Classic Fighters Air Show at Blenheim NZ

Blenheim Easter Air Show.
This Easter weekend, the Classic Fighters Air Show was again held in Blenheim at the small Omaka Airfield. Huge crowds were expected for this big event in my district, although thousands did attend it was not quite the numbers hoped for, even though the weather was perfect, warm and sunny with no wind at all. The sky was perfectly clear so the small WW1 and WW11 airplanes showed up beautifully as they noisily twisted and turned dived and rolled their way through the flak and the hail of ‘bullets’ and traceries, small bombs were dropped on targets that blew up spectacularly, tanks raced around on the ground along with Army and Air Force jeeps full of troops hurrying to save the airfield from mock attack.
The theme for the show was the Italian side of the War, so people dressed in Italian uniforms were everywhere. The battle of Monte Cassino was re-enacted both on the ground and in the air.
I was working driving a taxi all day and evening during the two days of the show so I too along my camera and in between fares I was lucky enough to be able to watch some of the best of the show, I took a few photos from the taxi stand, which was quite some distance for the actually show, but I still enjoyed the spectacular show, ohing and awing with heart-in-the-mouth along with the crowd, as planes seemed to fall from the sky etc. I am proud to say that there were no mishaps; no planes or people were harmed during the whole show, not even during the big finale of a dogfight battle between the German and the Italian planes along with many British planes when there were dozens of planes in the air together.
The Aviation Heritage Centre is at the airfield, there is Spitfire parked right outside, it is a museum of ancient planes and memorabilia all set up in pageants some of which interact with the viewers, and is well worth seeing. I was told they even have The Red Barons old uniform on display, and a recreation of his old plane!
A great day for our town that is held every 3 years, alternated between Wanaka and Masterton airfields.
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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This lovely rose begonia is my favourite.
For My World this week, some of my Begonias.
I grow these lovely flowers in pots, which is fortunate as I was able to bring them with me to our new home. Some didn't survive the shift but quite a few did.
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