Thursday, November 01, 2012


Erle has come around from the operation and is recovering, not sure if he will remember me being there with him though. He has tubes coming from every possible place and has been given a couple of lots of blood and lots of pain relief, I think he looks awful but they say he is doing fine and will be ok. I am so glad it has gone well.

People ask me how I am coping.... with Erle being in hospital after a huge operation, I say I am ok. Maybe not..... I just fed our poor little cat Porsche my muesli for breakfast, I caught myself before I got into the cat biscuits! haha. This was after I rang the hospital and was unable to get any news of him.

I have just been able to speak to Erle. he sounded amazingly good, helped a lot by the morphine drip ofcause, he says he is not too bad at moment though it hurts to breathe as his cut is from right up under the ribs down to pubic area. It was so lovely to be able to speak with, and no he didn't remember me being there last night. I shall go visit this afternoon.

My Husband Erle has some serious health issues that have recently come to light. So serious that he has been fast tracked through our hospital system in only a couple of short weeks. Tomorrow he will have major surgery, your prayers and good wishes would be very appreciated, he will need them. His Daughter Leigh has returned from Australia ( not for this reason) and her presence will help to soften the blow, I hope. He will be in hospital about 10 days it is thought if all goes well.
There is big family wedding to be held in Christchurch Daniel Erle's Grandson is marrying Amanda, on Saturday, we had been so looking forward to this exciting happy occasion, sadly it was not meant to be for us to be there, we will send all our very best wishes for their wonderful happy future.

Today, before his major surgery for Bowel cancer and Gall bladder removal, we are going out for a happy dating day together, for a lovely walk along a beach then out for lunch in a nice waterfront cafe at Havelock, then for dinner it will be his favourite Bacon and egg pie, ( that Leigh has bought him) and strawberrys and
whipped cream, a treat we used to make for ourselves on our honeymoon, then we had to shake the cream with a teaspoon in it, til it whipped, we might be able to refine the process tonight.
Going to be such a great day.

We had a platter of mussels with seven different flavoured toppings which tasted sensational, served with homemade bread to mop up all the juices, then we each ordered a different gourmet pizza and shared. I had a couple of glasses of lovely wine and Erle settled for orange juice. We topped it off with a delicious choc caramel biscuit. Quite a feast for lunch time.