Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Siblings

I see it is National Siblings Day in United States. While here in New Zealand it is not a National day at all I decided to post a photo of my Siblings taken by Jan my Sister-in-law on the occasion of my birthday.

It is not the best even photo of my brother Bob as he had just hurt his back and was in severe pain.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wine and Cheese night at the beach

I have been watching the young folk out on the harbour in their small sail boats with their pretty colourful sails roaring around having loads of fun. I have often wished to be closer to watch them better. Even though we live quite close to the beach,  the boats look very small and in the distance.

 Last time I took a lady on a wine tour she bought me a lovely delicious cheese Platter from Patakas fine foods'. This was as my tip for taking her out for the day, in New Zealand we really don't tip very much, so something like this is very acceptable and a great treat. On the Platter there was two different cheeses 3 different chutneys and lots of salami with 2 different types of biscuits.

We have been waiting for a perfect evening to go down to Shelly Beach with my Cheese platter and a good bottle of wine to sit in the evening warm sun and watch the sailing while drinking and eating.

 Watching those colourful sails dashing around as the Interislander Ferry came in was rather nice and exciting, I wandered down the beach to observe.. Erle tried throwing a line out in the hope of catching a fish, but no such luck.

 A small Sparrow joined us at the table hoping to be able to share our biscuits and cheese, but I was enjoying it all too much to share with a bird, I was just wanting to share the treat with my Husband.
Nice evening, I really enjoyed  myself, we should do this kind of thing more often. Being a tourist in your own town.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Dancing Sisters.

Dancing Sisters. Rowena and I had such fun at my birthday party, we really got into the dancing.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Blenheim Women's section RSA 70th Anniversary

Blenheim Women's Section of RSA  ( Returned Servicemen Association)  70th .Anniversary.

This Ladies section of the RSA was started only a few days after my birth, Mum went with me just a babe-in-arms to join it, so she has been there as long as anyone has, so ofcause she had to attend the big celebration dinner. I just went along to help her with the wheelchair  and look after her, but I  also enjoyed a lovely meal and a glass of good wine.

There was a good turn out for this dinner and wreath laying.

We all walked around to the Memorial Clocktower to lay two wreaths in memorial of the fall solders during the wars. The wreaths were laid by the Male RSA members.
 Flags were flying beside the clock tower. The flag I have photographed is actually the Australian flag, the New Zealand Flag was flying on the other side of the Clocktower.

 Seymore Gardens looks so pretty, as they always do.

After the exhausting walk to the Seymore Gardens where the Memorial Clocktower is and back again pushing Mum in the wheelchair over our bumpy footpaths,  I was more than ready for the lovely dinner and the wine. The temperature outside today is 30 degrees or more, quite sweltering!.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My 70th Birthday Party

My 70th Birthday party.
Such a huge milestone, that so many people do not make, must be celebrated and celebrated well I decided, so I arranged a small select dinner party at the Local RSA, just my family and a few of my favourite people. I even bought a dress for the occasion, first I have owned for about 20 years!

I chose to dine outside on the balcony since it was a lovely balmy evening

 We has such a wonderful evening, nice people lovely delicious roast Pork dinner with Bubbly wine, then afterwards we danced the night away to the Ukalali Band. ( Sorry can not spell the name of these small guitar type string instruments of many types.)

We really did have a hilarious time.

 The band played all the songs we knew from way back then, we sang our hearts out and had a blast. I couldn't have asked for more enjoyment and happiness from my night. It was so lovely to dance with my Husband again, its been ages since we did so.
I also danced with several others including Wayne, who had to work and missed the meal but managed to get there in time for the dancing and a couple of wines, and my sister Rowena.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Balcony flowers.

A big pot of pretty
blue Lobelia brightens up our balcony.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Picnic and fishing day

With an unexpected day off and a wonderful hot summers day, couldnt resist going for a picnic and a bit of fishing from the shore in Queen Charlotte Sounds. I had plenty of good 'bites' but never caught any fish, lost a few hooks and sinkers though! Erle broke his rod so never got into the fishing. Enjoyed a nice impromptu picnic and a swim, the sea was quite warm so I had a quick dip. The sea warm nice and warm on the top layer but much colder deeper down, very refreshing.  Erle took a photo to prove it but it got lost in the ether somewhere. A very pleasant day and I only got mildly sunburnt, Erle not at all.  So good just to relax by the sea in the sun, and read my tablet where I have a good book by Brice Courtney and am enjoying it.

 A perfect day.