Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Picnic and fishing day

With an unexpected day off and a wonderful hot summers day, couldnt resist going for a picnic and a bit of fishing from the shore in Queen Charlotte Sounds. I had plenty of good 'bites' but never caught any fish, lost a few hooks and sinkers though! Erle broke his rod so never got into the fishing. Enjoyed a nice impromptu picnic and a swim, the sea was quite warm so I had a quick dip. The sea warm nice and warm on the top layer but much colder deeper down, very refreshing.  Erle took a photo to prove it but it got lost in the ether somewhere. A very pleasant day and I only got mildly sunburnt, Erle not at all.  So good just to relax by the sea in the sun, and read my tablet where I have a good book by Brice Courtney and am enjoying it.

 A perfect day.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Hanging Flower Baskets

My Hanging Flower baskets
I have very little actual flower garden, such land that is available I plant vegies mostly so most of the colourful flowers I have are in pots or hanging baskets. Fortunately they are starting to show some pretty colour, they should look great for Christmas. Even my orange lilies are looking good.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Post cards we sent from Cambodia.

Erle and I nearly always send a postcard back to our address to make sure that all the others we send actually do get sent, also it is often things we saw but didn't get a photo of. We posted these 2 along with masses of others on 10th August and they duly arrived yesterday 13th November! We had given up on them altogether.
Happy Cambodian Children having fun.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Being Rowed around Ha Long Bay Fishing Village

Christine and Pauline sent this photo of our day in Ha Long Bay when we were rowed around the Fishing Village by an old lady, who rowed us under part of one of the small mountains and all around the bays. A very happy enjoyable but extremely hot day.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ha Long Bay Veitnam video

While on board the cruise ship in Ha Long bay I took this short video and didn't think it had worked as I couldn't find it on my memory card, but it had gone right to the end, and I have now found it. I hope it plays and how I wish I had taken other videos.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Leaving Cambodia

After the lovely elephant ride we were brought back to the hotel, had just enough time to have a nice shower and change before we had to vacate the room. We did however have quite some time to fill in before we leave for the airport. In hind sight we wasted a golden opportunity to take a tuk tuk into the city for a wander round and see more of this tourist city, but we didn't think we had enough time so we just sat and read in the foyer, very relaxing and probably what I needed at the time, but time wasted I think now.
Christine told us she and her Mother Pauline would not be returning with us, but instead would be flying to Thailand to a bigger better hospital, the air ambulance was paid for by their insurance $22,000US, thank goodness they had such great insurance, it is the type we all hope we have but hope never to have to use.
peg is good friends with Pauline and she went by tuk tuk to say goodbye to her friend who must be very ill indeed. heart attacks and breathing difficulties plus pneumonia we believe. We feel for both of them, it is not the way they intended to finish their holiday. Photo of Pauline from earlier when she was feeling well and enjoying herself.

 I went into the hotel shop and decided to buy a silver Rat! In memory of the fact that the people in Cambodia around the rice paddy's eat masses of the Rice eating Rat, the meat is sold at the markets and is not a small rat such as we might know, it is as big as cat - plenty of meat on it. As far as I know we never ate any of this meat!
We indulged in more of their wonderful Ginger tea, I have become quite addicted to it, odd since I do not like to drink tea at all, but this is so different,  the teapot has long thin strips of root ginger steeping in boiling water and comes with a tiny jar of liquid honey which in itself is yummy enough to drink on its own! I am going to miss this drink when I get home, but I may well have a go at making it myself.

Eventually its time to get aboard the bus for the airport, as we drove there we had to pass over an ancient Angkor bridge still in full use. The driver stopped long enough for us to snap a couple very quick of photos before we went on to the airport. Nice of him.
At the airport we also had a wait so peg and i went off shopping in the duty free shops, we both bought a silver elephant in memory,of our lovely elephant ride this morning, I don't buy many souvenirs as we only have a smallish home  and they just become clutter, but I do have a small animal collection that now has 2 more pieces in.
We were flying to Singapore for our free stop-over and everyone else was in transit on way to their homes in Australia, so there were some hugs goodbye, as we had got quite close to some of them. We had also enjoyed some of Cambodia, the Pol Pot saga was rather off putting and I still seem to hear the clamor of millions of innocent victims
calling to me, but more quietly now.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The day of the Elephants!

Oh happy day the day of the elephants has finally arrived, I have been waiting for this. It is also our last day in Cambodia and although I still don't feel well am coughing a great deal and have some asthma, also I am so exhausted, this has been the most exacting trip we have even been on it is go go go from morning to night, every day. 
I am so excited about riding the elephant, I just love elephant rides, siding on the back of a great gentle beast lumbering along like the king of the castle!

We have another of our delicious breakfasts then back to pack our luggage ready to return home, then down stairs over the lake and on to the bus. Erle is not going with us, he has chosen to ride quad bikes around the paddy fields and out into the scrub behind the city.

We arrive to find lots of lovely small Black Asian Elephants awaiting us and masses of other tourist, they have the kind of seats that take two passengers, Christine teams up with Heinz and Peg and I team up for another one. 
There is sort of structure with lots of steps up to a small platform to help us get on board the animal. Much easier than some I have had to climb up the back leg to get on. 
There is a couple of people selling small green pineapples that apparently elephant love to eat as a special treat. Most elephants today are having special treats and loving them One bit and they disappear. 

 Ours definitely got her reward.


Our turn comes and we are both lined up and eager, Peg is on first and them me poor old elephant her name is Samba and she is 37 years old, the mahout tells me she has had many many baby calves in her life time, she is so gentle and obedient. 
We are off to wander slowly around the whole complex of Angkor Wat, and over the causeway into the complex at one point, through the forest also. 

Oh it is so wonderful the view from up here is so much superior to ground level. 

We laugh our way the track, having Samba stop every now and again for photo opportunity and to lord it over all those on the ground having to walk, like we did a day or so ago.

It is early morning and still cool and pleasant, we pass a small sort of shrine along the way, much more modern than the main temple where the sun is streaming in through the trees so pretty, and a whole wall of carved elephants known as the Elephant walk.
It was over all too soon, even though we had nearly an hour I think, Peg and I could have done it all again and still loved the ride.

While I was having the time of my life, Erle was out racing around on a big Quad Bike, wearing a good helmet and a face mask for the dust,  also enjoying himself. Not my kind of thing but he did have fun and dusty and dirty, I guess its a man thing! Surprised to see several of the women in our group did this activity too.