Friday, May 22, 2015

Motueka road trip

For no reason at all we decided to go on a nice road trip to Motueka some 3 hours drive away from Picton. People said why, and I just said because its there and we are not; seemed as good a reason as any.
 However we really enjoy Motueka a,medium size town  in the centre of the fruit growing area, plenty of apples pears kiwi fruit and hops and vegetables too

There is a old school building right in the main street which is now an interesting museum, with a nice cafe next door.

   We stayed very uncharacteristically in a Back Packers Lodge the  'Hat Trick ' .  We booked a double room with en suite for only $70 a night,
we can recommend it to anyone. Like a motel but so much better. The big bonus as far as we are concerned is the huge communal kitchen, dining room and TV lounge where everyone gathers together for the evening. So nice to meet up with about a dozen or more young people from all over the world. We chat all evening with them and share free fruit and coffee and when one of the boys baked cookies he shared them with us too. We all sat around doing jig saw puzzles not even watching TV.
I spent some time playing the poker machines and doing some winning which pleased me.

We drove out to Kaiteriteri Beach a real tourist haven but it was nearly deserted today we had the beach of golden sands to ourselves.

The tide was right out in the estuary and the mudflats exposed, there were masses of seabirds feeding in the shallow waters I watched them fighting over the best positions. Sadly I was too far away to see them in the photos.

The weather was so nice while we were there but in the morning as we were about to leave it started raining. the main street still looked nice with the Autumn tints in the big street trees and flowers all in hanging baskets along the footpath.
We found this strange statue as we drove through Nelson

Friday, May 01, 2015

The Matriarch

This is my tribute to my dear Mother that I read out in Church.

6-3-1921  -  22-4-2015

The Matriarch has gone.
The head Lady of our family has left us. 
She has left a dynasty stretching 5 generations. Yes, she has five Great, Great, Grandchildren, Katie-May, Maximus, Charlotte and sweet little Archer all of whom are growing up in Australia. So Mum has done her bit for trans Tasman  relationships.
Mum has done her job well. The scripture, 'My yolk is easy and my burden is light' comes to mind, that is how it was for Mum, she held us all lovingly in  the palm of her hand,  watching over us, holding us together and taking an active interest in all we did, and was, right to the very last closely involved in all in the happenings in our lives. Nothing was too much trouble.
Now I find myself the oldest member of the family, but the yolk that fitted Mum so well does not fit me. I know that I shall never be the Matriarch; - but I will always be her eldest.
Mum was 'Old School' A Lady with all the solid Christian values of a previous generation, that we can only strive for, she was such a caring person and tried hard to instill these values into us all.
She spent her last four years in Springland's Lifestyle village  in Blenheim, where she was very happy, active and well cared for. Thank you to the staff whom I know will miss her too
Mum was, among a LOT of other things an accomplished Pianist and a great singer with a  powerful deep melodic voice. Almost all my best memories are surrounded by music; of us all  singing or of Mum playing piano, watching her hands dance across the keys  making beautiful music so effortlessly; or so I thought til I had a go at learning to play the piano! Her signature tune was the fast and furious very difficult to play "Black and White Rag" She played it frequently for me, I was always asking her to play it because she used to cross her hands over to reach some of the notes. I loved it.
Finally, the other great memory is of the wonderful privileged idyllic childhood we had, going away with Mum and Dad in the caravan. Every holiday and most weekends we went caravaning to Goose Bay or to Pelorus Bridge, where we three kids would have the freedom to run wild and free; safely and just be happy children having fun, as all children should be.
This has left us all with a deep love of the sea and nature generally. So much so that all three of us and most  of the grandchildren all live beside the ocean.
Thankyou Mum.
Thanks for the love.

Pelorus Bridge

 Goose Bay Kaikoura

Saturday, April 25, 2015

100 year celebration of ANZAC Day

Dawn Service 100 year celebration of ANZAC Day in Picton New Zealand.

 The crowd was so huge couldn't get anywhere near the ceremony. We all stood in silence except for the singing of our National Anthem and also the Australian Anthem. Amazing just how very many people attended at 6am on a chilly April morning, Picton did the service men and women proud.

 There were many more wreaths but it was too difficult to push my way through to get more of them in photo. I am glad I attended,I did so because Mum always went along and this year she has gone to her reward, only a few days ago. She had been intending to go to the Blenheim celebration with her friend Arthur.

Picton Foreshore looked so peaceful and serene in the early rays of sunshine
These last 2 photos are what the War Memorial looks like in the daylight, taken at Christmas time when it is decorated with a Christmas tree that is beautifully lit up at night.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Siblings

I see it is National Siblings Day in United States. While here in New Zealand it is not a National day at all I decided to post a photo of my Siblings taken by Jan my Sister-in-law on the occasion of my birthday.

It is not the best even photo of my brother Bob as he had just hurt his back and was in severe pain.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wine and Cheese night at the beach

I have been watching the young folk out on the harbour in their small sail boats with their pretty colourful sails roaring around having loads of fun. I have often wished to be closer to watch them better. Even though we live quite close to the beach,  the boats look very small and in the distance.

 Last time I took a lady on a wine tour she bought me a lovely delicious cheese Platter from Patakas fine foods'. This was as my tip for taking her out for the day, in New Zealand we really don't tip very much, so something like this is very acceptable and a great treat. On the Platter there was two different cheeses 3 different chutneys and lots of salami with 2 different types of biscuits.

We have been waiting for a perfect evening to go down to Shelly Beach with my Cheese platter and a good bottle of wine to sit in the evening warm sun and watch the sailing while drinking and eating.

 Watching those colourful sails dashing around as the Interislander Ferry came in was rather nice and exciting, I wandered down the beach to observe.. Erle tried throwing a line out in the hope of catching a fish, but no such luck.

 A small Sparrow joined us at the table hoping to be able to share our biscuits and cheese, but I was enjoying it all too much to share with a bird, I was just wanting to share the treat with my Husband.
Nice evening, I really enjoyed  myself, we should do this kind of thing more often. Being a tourist in your own town.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Dancing Sisters.

Dancing Sisters. Rowena and I had such fun at my birthday party, we really got into the dancing.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Blenheim Women's section RSA 70th Anniversary

Blenheim Women's Section of RSA  ( Returned Servicemen Association)  70th .Anniversary.

This Ladies section of the RSA was started only a few days after my birth, Mum went with me just a babe-in-arms to join it, so she has been there as long as anyone has, so ofcause she had to attend the big celebration dinner. I just went along to help her with the wheelchair  and look after her, but I  also enjoyed a lovely meal and a glass of good wine.

There was a good turn out for this dinner and wreath laying.

We all walked around to the Memorial Clocktower to lay two wreaths in memorial of the fall solders during the wars. The wreaths were laid by the Male RSA members.
 Flags were flying beside the clock tower. The flag I have photographed is actually the Australian flag, the New Zealand Flag was flying on the other side of the Clocktower.

 Seymore Gardens looks so pretty, as they always do.

After the exhausting walk to the Seymore Gardens where the Memorial Clocktower is and back again pushing Mum in the wheelchair over our bumpy footpaths,  I was more than ready for the lovely dinner and the wine. The temperature outside today is 30 degrees or more, quite sweltering!.