Friday, March 28, 2014

Mum's 93rd Birthday Party.

My Mother celebrated her 93 rd Birthday at the Clubs of Marlborough last night along with almost all of her family and friends, about 20 of us. Here are some photos of the happy evening before I forgot to take any more, sorry other relatives and friends. Managed to photograph the entre of curried Prawns and Scallops which was really tasty and satisfying.


Saturday, March 01, 2014

A raffle win from the Festival.

Here it is a whole month since I went along to the Maritime Festival in Picton, while there I took one lone raffle ticket as a donation towards next years festival and to keep the sellers happy.
I was rung up the other night to tell me that I had won a prize in the raffle, not a big prize but a prize never the less, of a Pamper Pack from a Chemist shop, it had rose soap, body lotion, Talc, scrub and a scrub brush plus a special pair of gloves impregnated with hand lotion to wear at night to soften my hands. I was rapt, it is not often I win anything, mind you I seldom take raffle tickets so maybe that is the reason, and how amazingly nice it feels to have a win, however small. I am very grateful, and I now smell like a Rose. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Picton Maritime Festival 2014

The Picton Maritime Festival held on the Foreshore every year is a very popular event, people come from far and wide to enjoy the seafood and the maritime games and fun, plus they are entertained by dozens of top class artist on the stage.

The foreshore  looks just lovely with loads of flowers all blooming brightly.

There was a good display of hand made clinker boats,many more than I could get in my photo. The men who had built them would gladly take you for a free row around the harbour - for free!

Plenty of food stalls selling the most delicious food imaginable. First I sampled some king smoked Salmon that was being served free to everyone and it was so yummy I had a second small biscuit, before trying a wonderful Prawn and Scallop kebab, followed a little later by a hot pork sandwich, to top it all off I then had a bowl of Strawberry's and Ice cream.

The food stalls were very popular so I had to stand in a long line a long time, making me very hungry.

Watched some kids fighting it out in a raft race - good wet fun.
All the while I listened to the bands playing beautiful music.
I enjoyed myself and had a feast.
A street was closed so even more interesting stalls could show off their wares and hopefully make plenty of sales.

Pirates roamed around looking for some new recruits.

 The festival goes on into the night and finishes with a great Fireworks display, my favourite part of the show really as the fireworks are let off out at sea from a raft and the sparkles reflect in the water adding to the ambiance.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Picton Ferry

The new replacement Picton Ferry Stena Alegra arrived in the Port of Picton yesterday for the very first time, it has  come all the way from Poland,  to stand in for the damaged Aratere Ferry which lost its Prop while crossing Cook Strait a few weeks ago.
This ship is longer and higher than any of our previous Ferrys.

  Viewed from our home.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Porsche's Christmas Present

Porsche got a new Fluoro Catnip Mouse for Christmas. She loves it, it is sniffed, chewed, thrown high in the air, dragged around the house and snuggled in her basket. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas with the Pastor Judy and Wayne

Wonderful Christmas we had this year, at a loose end family-wise for both of our family's we decided to get together for Christmas Dinner. A week before Christmas  everything changed; Judy and Wayne's daughter -in- law who is expecting a new babe became very ill in danger of loosing the baby, she was ordered to have complete bed rest doing nothing specially not raising the other two little children, so Judy raced up North and brought the two little children back to live with them indefinitely; maybe even after the baby is born. A huge task for two very busy people, but they have coped very well, much better than I would of in same circumstances. 
Church Christmas morning was punctuated by small baby screams, but no worries all of us have had or still have children, eventually the tiny boy quietens and slept and we did hear the Pastors Nativity message.

After Church we Skyped my Daughter in Australia for a lovely long chat then we went to Judy and Wayne's home where Santa delivered the last of the children' s gifts plus a few other things and we settled down with a wine and some nibbles starters to enjoy a really lovely fun Christmas feast with a sweet little girl who only seemed to eat ham and pavlova and a sleepy boy who had a bottle mostly. 
The four of us had a great fun time so much laughter and wine I could scarcely move later when it came time to go home.... no I did not drive! Not that silly.
Bless them both for their hospitality.

Friday, December 06, 2013

My visitors.

It truly amazes me that I have had visitors from 170 different countries around the world, to view my blog, most of them make return visits, some become regulars. Thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog. Though I have yet to get a visit from Santa at North pole, my latest visitor is from Cayman Islands near the equator.  I am only sorry I no longer have the time to visit many other peoples interesting sites, but I do wish you all a very joyous Christmas.