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More of our adventures in Fiji.
From Jonathan's home to Nadi.

Mama with Josephine , Theresa and the older sister. in the kitchen of their home.

Mama was inconsolable when she heard we would leave the next morning, she sat beside me holding my hand, and told me she loved me, I was family now, please don’t go, I was welcome to stay for as long as I liked – forever and ever even, with tears in her eyes. I was truly touched, I liked her too, and could have stayed a few days, just in the house talking and learning more of their culture, but it was not to be. Josephine also whispered similar things to me, what lovely people. I do hope we have not caused offence by leaving so soon.
Jonathan said if we had to go he understood but we must go see the medicine lady to have Erles leg massaged and more of the special leaves applied to it, an appointment had been made. Ok, we certainly wouldn’t miss this.
After another good nights sleep and an absolutely delicious breakfast again, we packed up our suitcases, two less than we had arrived with! Josephine put Fijian music and dancing on the DVD and had us all dancing and singing in the lounge as a delightful farewell. After lots of hugs and kisses we had to leave, Jonathan said he would come with us as far as Latoka as we were concerned about getting lost on the little tracks, but first it was time to visit the medicine woman, completely unschooled with no English but with a vast knowledge of the human body and so much instinctual knowledge, she set about checking out Erle’s leg then settled in to massage for a long time, very deeply. Erle’s face was interesting to watch! I think it was very painful, but she knew what she was doing and pretty soon Erle was indeed feeling an improvement. She placed the leaves on his leg same as Jonathan had and bound it tightly up for two days. Erle dropped a few dollars on the mat for her, which pleased her greatly; she had worked very hard on that massage.
It was sad to say goodbye to our good friend Jonathan after quick lunch in Latoka, he had a meeting to attend there, we all said see you in one months time back in New Zealand, thanked him profusely for his kindness and drove off towards Nadi, one day earlier than we intended before the van had to be returned. As we drove we past the big sign advertising the exclusive expensive First Landing Resort, where the very first Fijians are supposed to have landed on the island, we looked at each other and said ‘YES’ just what we needed, a night of comfort and luxury, to hang with the expense. At First Landing Resort, the bridge over to the landing point. and golden sands.
It was indeed a pleasure to sit and watch the sun setting with a cool glass in hand, soaking up the history beneath the coconut palms, before a stroll along white sandy beaches, and a nice garden bure.

Elaborately decorated Hindu Temple, Nadi.
We did have to drive on to Nadi and book into a smaller hotel at Traveller’s Beach have a quiet drive into Nadi City where we were accosted by hordes of hawkers and others trying to get us into their stores for kava and buying stuff we didn’t want or need, and generally rob us blind, also taxi drivers touting for our business! Not a lot of fun really, so we ran into a Tourist Information Centre and in minutes found we had booked ourselves into Namuka Bay Lagoon Hotel for two nights in a private bure on the beach! The lady was very pushy but it still sounded just what we wanted, we would have to take a bus to get to Cuvu village, followed by a taxi to the beach. Sounded easy even with two big suitcases.
We returned the hired van, in good order apart from thick mud all over it, to the agent and wonder of wonders he gave me back the pre-signed Visa docket that I had written ‘Bond only, to be returned’. Went back to the hotel for a lovely swim, in the pool. Erle took off his bandages with the medicinal leaves at this time and found to his amazement that the swelling had gone down and the pain was nearly gone, the leg moved much more freely. Good on Jonathan and the medicine lady!

Lovely sunset at Travellers Beach, Newtown, Nadi.

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