Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The New Zealand Army comes to Blenheim

Today while I was out shopping I was surprised to come out of the Supermarket and find four New Zealand Army Tanks all covered in camerflage nets, sitting outside, while the Army personel were also in shopping and across the road buying McDonalds Burgers for their lunch.

Went up and spoke with some of the Army guys and asked if I could have a look inside one of the tamks, the men were pleased to show me inside the underneath part, and offered to allow me to climb up on top and have a peep in the turrent as well. I am not quite athletic enough to be able to clamber up to the top so I had to pass on that one. Apparently seven men travel in the underneath part two in the turrent, with the guns, and four in the driving compartment, also with guns, so these beasts are quite big. These tanks were not the kind that have 'tracks' these ones are the modern kind, that have lots of huge wheels along each side, so they can drive over any terrian.

Not every day the Army is in our town, they were just passing through from Burnham Military Camp across teh Cook Strait to Ohakea Army Base in the North Island.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, so no photos; sorry.

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Nyle said...

out chatting up the army boys aye......thought that was only a daughter type thing...seems we both like uniforms tee hee