Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bathing the cat!

Raisin, on the table in our conservatory garden.

Bathing the Cat.
Raisin; our big black Persian long haired cat, came home completely soaked to the skin not only with water but also with a thick messy, smelly, primevial swamp mud from the bottom of the local ditch. We live in a rural area where there are some open ditches around cattle paddocks, it was into one of these that Raisin fell, probably while he was trying to catch a duck or duckling, or maybe a frog.

He arrived home during the night and jumped straight up on to our bed! Leaving a thick layer of slimy, smelly, ooze all over our bedspread! He got a very short shift.

We had to get up and run a tub full of warm water and then put our fluffy cat that looked like a drowned rat, in to the water! Not an easy mission! He behaved much better than we expected really, he only struggled briefly, but my Husband held Raisin strongly and securely, but still took a few scratches, while I poured water over him and rubbed as much mud and frog porridge and filth off him.

Then we had to dry him off, it took three towels to do so. He was really still quite muddy but the worst of it was washed off, we left him to wash the remaining mud out of his long fluffy fur, by night he was almost back to normal. As Raisin is almost 14 year old we were a little worried about him catching a chill, but he is just fine.

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