Monday, September 24, 2007

Teagan 21 years old.

Teagan is my eldest Grand-daughter, of three grandchildren, is living in Nelson and is soon to be a Mother herself; next month.
Yet, I can remember the great excitment 21 years ago (though it doesn't seem that long ago)when my daughter Nyle gave birth to her, how my sister and I drove over to Nelson, to get the first glimpses of a new generation. On the drive over there were wild daffodils growing along the roadside looking so pretty that we stopped and picked a bouquet of them to take to the hospital to welcome the baby. She is a child of Spring.
Teagan grew to be just the most delightful little girl, she truely was a credit to my Daughter's upbringing. Now she is a women and I hope she can bring up her own baby as well. As girls run in our family it is almost certainly going to be a little girl, I hope she looks just like Teagan.

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