Saturday, October 06, 2007

My 15 minutes of Fame!

More Taxi adventures.

On Wednesday, while driving the taxi on a day shift; something I seldom do now days, perferring as I do, the Saturday night shift, I had a lady and her two quite sullen teenage sons as passengers. As I turned into MacLauchlan Street I could see a strange unusual sight ahead of us; a Mobility Scooter that the elderly and the disabled use, upside down on the roadway with all kinds of little bits and pieces scattered all around and an old lady trying to crawl out from under it all!

I quickly asked the lady if she would mind if we stopped and assisted the old dear, and would one of her boys like to help me pickup the mobility scooter. I was barely stopped before one of the boys jumped out and raced around the taxi with me to lift and right the scooter the while he piled neatly, all the soft cushions back on the seat, I gently helped the very flustered and upset old lady to her feet. She was so upset because it had been her own silly fault, ( she said ) that the scooter had tipped over. She should never have driven over the curb on an angle, so only one wheel went over, leaving the scooter unbalanced and three wheels up in the air, it could only tip over once that happened. Together we picked up all her parcels and goods, then I tucked the knee blanket around the old lady and she was back under way up the street like nothing had happened, but as we drew near and passed her she raised her hand to thank us. I looked back in the mirror and the boys eyes and mine met; warm with the glow of satisfaction at having done a random act of kindness to someone in need.

I didn't tell anyone about this incident except Erle when I got home at night, so thought no-one would ever know. I reckoned without a sweet old lady who really wanted to thank us properly now she was cool,calm and collected.

When I read the local Newspaper on Friday this thankyou was printed in the letters to the editor;

The sweet old lady Mary had not noticed that I was a lady as she had been too flustered and as a friend said, had most likely only seen my navy trousers that are the taxi uniform.

So far from keeping this quiet, the whole town and the taxi company know, so I may as well publish the story here in my blog!


Nyle said...

my hero!!!!!!!!!!! awesome mum!!!! huge big hugs to you...

amandaemilia said...

She should not be scootering in her age:-D