Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still shifting in.

We are still finding things that don't fit in with our new home, the latest victim is the olive green sofa, (to be seen in the previous photos)

it has been sent back to our old home for the boarding house guests, it was just a little too big to fit in to our lounge with the dusky pink suite we have as well. But we have already been out shopping for a new chair. We have found and ordered a very nice maroon leather lazy-boy chair that is much smaller and lighter than most of them. We shall be able to move it around to follow the sun without any problems.If the heat pump dosen't wake its ideas up it will be the next to follow the other pieces of furniture that have left for greener pastures. We have been told a little about how to use it, so it may well be able to warm the house enough to stay. its all a learning curve for us, never having had to deal with this kind of heating.

We have been pleased the way the two cats have settled in, we kept them inside for several days only allowing them out on a lead, we walked them like dogs! We had spent quite a lot of time teaching them to walk like this, it insured their safety while allowing them to learn all about their new surroundings. We now have a cat door, which we had never had before, and the kitty cats had no problems learning to use that.

I brought all my orchids with us, most all of them were in bud nearly ready to open their beautiful flowers, but sadly several of them have been frosted and will not now flower this year, some were in a more shelter place and will survive and flower. I couldn't leave all my begonias either, but they are dormant just at the moment so should be ok.

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merike said...

How nice to read you here again! This is wonderful! I so much like to visit you and I can always see when you have written something new, using Google reader... Moving is very tiresome, I have not moved in 34 years:-)