Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Garden is growing.

Slowly my garden is growing and becoming more colourful and interesting. before we left our old home Erle built me a plantstand, with a heavy solid concrete base that holds 5 big baskets of flowers. He also hand carved a fancy finian type bawble for the top, its looking great. There are quite strong winds here now and again, one of the joys of living close to the sea, but this stand will not be blown over, its heavy!
The other garden is growing in an old mussel float thats been cut in half, its mainly filled with lettuce greens for quick easy picking, right outside the back door, plus another full of gladioli wich should be beautiful for Christmas, and 2 brocolli plants that will take over once the glads are finished! There are still masses of plants growing in small pots too, this will have to continue for a while til I decide where to put them. In the meantime they provide me with some colourful blooms.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glennis!

I was commenting about New Zealand in another blog and I wanted to visit your blog!

Your flowers are great! I'm missing NZ so much today! :)

In hope you have a nice weekend!

B. Roan said...

Your flowers are growing, and ours are gone for the season. I'll enjoy checking back to remind myself of what summer is like. It's a cold blustery day here. BJ

Cloudia said...

You have a green thumb, glennis!

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Glennis,

I just finished reading through your blog on Langkawi. What a great remembrance of a trip.

That looks like a fantastic garden; I wish we had the space for a garden here in Hong Kong. And lucky you and Erle for getting a blue cod and a crayfish from a fisherman. (In Canada we would call what you ate some type of lobster. For us crayfish are freshwater beasties, and a lot smaller that what you picture on your blog!)

In Hong Kong, although you would be propositioned with fish, they would never be given away. Always sold. Of course shopping and selling are complementary national sports here.

I left a response on e-cuneiform to guide you to a picture of the camera-happy Pommes the Wonder Cat.

Welcome home from your vacation and thank you for the note.


Sepiru Chris said...

Hello again, Glennis,

The second-most fun thing about blogs you have not seen before is finding one which strikes a chord. The most fun thing is dipping into the archives once you have found one that strikes a chord or two.

Your post on moving to Picton strikes quite the chord with me, and I am sure with anyone else who has ever moved. Poor cats. And the injustice of furniture that does not fit--that I know well seeing as how we move fairly frequently.

Our last move, from Switzerland to Hong Kong, involved us donating half our possessions to the Swiss Sally Ann before we left, and then discovering that we still had twice as much stuff as would fit into our new apartment, let alone fitting in and allowing room to walk...

Thank goodness we did not have the torrential rain that you had!

Cheers again,

Charolette said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I have a tat of the one in the header on the top of my foot.

T and S said...

You have a very well written blog and some amazing pictures to go along.

That carb fish looked pretty delicious

PS : Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog...Thomas

namaki said...

thank you for dropping by ... I like your garden ! ;-))

Pug1 said...

I bet you're enjoying the warmer weather with your pretty flowers! We have some frigid temp here in Chicagoland!

iSeek said...

Glennis, thanks for visiting my blog days before. It wasn't an old blog. Just I have started with old photos. You have a very wonderful garden and very beautifully made blog.

Barbara Martin said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Such beautiful flowers and a small garden as well.

Winter has started here in Toronto with more snow expected on Sunday.

The Tile Lady said...

A very nice garden, indeed. Glad you shared it with us. I miss my garden...we are in-between right now, and I look forward to having one again in the future.