Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hanmer Springs

This is the ninth posting for the My World meme . It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar,Sandy, Wren, Louise and fishing guy. Last week there were 101 people showing their worlds to us. Here is part of 'My World'.
These are just a tiny piece of the shopping centre at hanmer Springs, there are lots of cafes with outside seating with shady trees, a pretty small town.

We had three days in Hanmer staying at The Pines Motor Camp which is quite close to the township where the Thermal Springs pools are so it was very handy to go for lovely long soaks in the many pools. There is also Sauna's and a Spa with massages available too as well as a small cafe with meals to enjoy around the pools.

The reason Hanmer Springs even exsists is the wonderful Hot thermal mineral Springs that bubble up rather smelly but very benificial waters that most people enjoy soaking in. The Thermal pools have been operating for 125 years in one form or another. There are many different size and shape pools of many different temperatures, the hottest being 42 degrees, and man alive is it hot, you can't stay in for very long or you end up partly cooked! Everyone sits in total silence soaking up the warmth, til I get into a pool! Then I imediately ask everyone where they are from, what Country only to find every pool I was in was full of 6 - 8 differnt Nationalities really multi-cultural, soon everyone is talking and laughing and having fun while they soak! So much better I think.
When you get out you feel so relaxed you just want to go to sleep, very good for you.

There are some great forest and woodland walks in the hills around the town that are very popular, we enjoyed a pleasant walk, and watched the ducks being fed at the Hanmer Pools.

Young tourists enjoy riding these quad bicycles all around the township of Hanmer, with four fit pedalers they go really fast too. That yellow one actually passed our car!


Pug1 said...

it looks wonderful!!!!!

uncleawang said...

Wow!!!!I love this place so beautiful.Thanks for sharing and also thanks for visiting my world.
Have a nice day.

Sepiru Chris said...

Looks lovely Glennis, and I have just added you on. Not sure that I can direct as much traffic, mind you, as Travis does... :)

fishing guy said...

Glennis: That looks like a neat place to visit and you had great photos.
Thanks for the visit. I wish you would consider showing us your country on our My World Tuesday Meme. We post every Monday at 7:30 GMT. You can check it out on my site. We would like you to share your world with us.

paramveer said...

great destinations........nice pix

aquamarine said...

great shots,my husband and I pick new zealand as our top overseas destination but God led us to HK.hopefully, we can still visit NZ if not reside there.
thanks for visiting my site, too. Lippo Twin Tower is my favorite subject,yah unique building design.
i'll add you to my bloglist, i hope you don't mind..thanks and hope to see you again.

ddriver said...

beatifoul pictures and wonderful place

BJ Roan said...

I wondered why you hadn't posted in a while, now I know. Gorgeous scenery.

I've tagged you with a meme. I hope you'll play along with Sixth Photo's Story.

Welcome back.

fishing guy said...

Glennis: Joining a Meme is real easy. There are only a few rules that are on the web site. Drop me a line of go to my web site and see some of my My World posts. You already do My world post and if you look at what the people share you will understand. Write me if you have any questions.

The Tile Lady said...

It sounds like a VERY interesting place to visit. I would love to go there. It really looks beautiful, and I bet the trails are great.I have never even been to the Hot Springs we have in a few places here in the states, but need to do that too! :-)

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