Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"A S' Echo Cafe bar

The 'A S' Echo.

The 'A S' Echo is an old Scow built in New Zealand in 1905, it worked mainly as coastal freight transport around New Zealand, then later from Wellington to Blenheim, via the Opawa River.
During the second world war the Echo was commisioned in to the Navy to assist with the War effort in the Pacific. After the War it returned to to its transportation dutes between Wellington and Blenheim, until 1965 when the Echo was retired from duty and sailed around to Picton Harbour and slowly transformed into a tourist attraction. It is now a Cafe and Bar, moored permanently within the Harbour. I really enjoy sitting up on the upper deck with a glass of wine or a hot coffee, watching the boats moving out on the water. Inside the Echo there are many historic photos showing its varied life.

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This business is currently For Sale, a great opportunity for a hard working couple wishing to move to Picton.


Nessa said...

Cool. I like bars on boats. You can blame your inability to walk straight on the waves.

Indrani said...

It is almost a century old and is still in good use. Great shots!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Really cool boat! I must say, I have never been on a boat like that. Only fishing and ski boats. :(
Have a great week.

Beautiful said...

I wonder how it feels like to sail along in a grand cruise.

fishing guy said...

Glennis: My that was a neat place to visit. I enjoyed seeing the boat and glad it is still in use.

Elisabeth's bright side said...

I liked your story about Echo, Thanks!

merike said...

The story is very nice!!!
We have got many restaurants on boats here in Helsinki, come and have a look!!!

Catherine said...

Hi Glennis, just saw your blog when you commented on my pancake post - I have replied on that if you want to revisit it to read it - and I love your photos of New Zealand - a fascinating country brought to all of us through Lord of the Rings, rugby, the Haka, and a favourite book of early New Zealand gold rushes, The Colour by Rose Tremain, we had it for our book club choice some years ago and it is very evocative.
You live in a beautiful place, and I look forward to following your blog if I can. Please visit mine again and follow if you wish.
Cheers for now

Martha said...

Thanks for bringing me back to one of my best vacations. We went on an Elderhostel in New Zealand and Picton was one of our stop. We hiked on the Queen Charlotte trak (I think that was the one). I'd love to go back to your lovely country.

Tarolino said...

That was very interesting to know since we have a very similar old ship in the harbour by the main market square in Helsinki and that too functions as a cafe / restaurant. It even looks very similar.

Thanks also for dropping by at my blog.

margay said...

It was wonderful to have lunch on board on a lovely sunny Picton day.
I think my grandfather John McLoughlin worked on the Echo during the 1920's. Are you able to varify that?