Thursday, April 23, 2009

Autumn beauty.

Autumn Colour.
While driving the taxi around the streets of Blenheim I came across these beautiful trees and just had to stop a capture the colour.
Isn't Autumn or Fall just a beautiful season.
Theses trees are called Liquidamber trees.

This is My World for this week, look for many more glimpses of the worlds beauty.


Nessa said...

Beautiful. I love the color.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful colours.
Thanks for sharing so lovely autumn.
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alicesg said...

Beautiful trees. Nature is so wonderful. Have a nice day.

Dragonstar said...

Such beautiful colours - and I'm rejoicing in the spring blossom!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Dr.John said...

You have Fall and we are still trying for Spring.
Beautiful pictures

Jacob said...

How could you resist such beauty...fall can be wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by Ocala DP.

bindu said...

So pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! You live in a country that it's my dream to visit some day, to hike and hike and hike in. :)

roughterrain crane said...

Now it is just spring in Japan and we have many blossoms and flowers here. Oppositely it is autumn in your country. We can communicate each other over thousand miles by using a computer. How convenient! We can have friends around the world.
What is the name of this tree? It doesn't look like a maple tree.

LadyBanana said...

They are beautiful but I don't want to see trees like these here for a long time, it being spring here now! :)