Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Porsche goes to the Vets.

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Porsche goes to the Vets for her shot.
As we are going away for our annual holidays, on a cruise around the Pac
ific Ocean visiting about
5 different Islands, we will have to leave our dear little cat in Whiskers Cattery again, to do
so she must have current vaccinations against Cat flu and maybe other things. We arranged an
appointment for her with the Lady V
et for 3.30pm.
We told Porsche she would be going to t
he vets and got out her carry cage about lunch time.
Porsche took one look and headed outside, but we didn't worry because she is very obedient and always comes
running when we call her. However, when we decided it was time to go we called and called and called
but no Porsche, so reluctantly we had to cancel the appointment and get another for an hour later,
that gave us plenty of time to search
all her hidy holes around the grounds, but although we did
a big search there was no sign of her. We were becoming concerned for her safety as she is never gone so long.
We started asking the neighbours if they had seen her, and checking garages in case
she was locked inside one of them.
The second appointment had to be canceled finally, and we decided we would give up on vaccinations

that day. By now it was starting to get dark as it was now nearly 5.30pm. Just as soon as it got
dark and we were worried out of our minds by her loss, when we heard a chirpy happy little meow
in the hallway, and there lo and behold wa
s our sweet little Porsche, saying "its much too late to
go to the Vets now its dark a little cat should not be outside so I came home."
I can tell you a little cat was immediately thrown into her carry cage and we re-rang the Vet who
said bring her right now since she is in the cage. Once at the Vets Porsche screamed her anger loudly

but she still received her shot, $42 later and we were on our way home, we will not need to take her
back for another two years.

I took this photo the next day specially for this blog, and you can tell she is not happy!


T and S said...

Porsche doesn't like to go to the vet for sure, it shows in her face and her behavior.

Luiz Ramos said...

She said : No cage,no Vet. Indeed!!

Kleine-creative-Welt said...

thats right - but it´s such a pretty cat - wow - it´s skin - a beautiful colour - oh i love cats -
greetings and a kiss for porsche -

rainfield61 said...

Ha, is difficult to be a cat nowadays.

Stephanie V said...

She did give it a good try, didn't she?

Snap said...

Porsche is such a gorgeous cat. Amazing how they KNOW they are going to the vet and can hide themselves away. Have to give her credit for trying!

Marja said...

Oh good you got him back Beautiful cat. We lost one of our cats. We got him in the cage to got him in the cage to get him fixed and went to the vet. Just in front of the door of the vet he jumped out. The little door wasn't closed properly. We never found him back

Nyle said...

oh mum, you should not have shown her the cage first. hahaha you know she is a smart wee cat!!! how exciting for you, not long till your trip.

Arija said...

Cats are notoriously unhappy going to the vets and I for one don't blame them! There are dogs about and needles and thermometers where no thermometer should go...'
Glad Porsche does not have go back again any thime soon.

BJ Roan said...

I just heard there was an earthquake in New Zealand and wanted to check on you. Hopefully it wasn't in your area.

roughterrain crane said...

The cat looks like a philosopher in hard days.

Jenn Jilks said...

I can identify with this story, with 3 cats in the house.

I love your photos and your blog.

Glad you liked My Muskoka's big snapping turtle! Thanks for visiting my part of the world.

Rajesh said...

Porche dose not look all that happy.

Sakura said...

Wow! what a nice cat!
Thank you for the comment.
Greetings from Romania!
Sakura - a Romanian burmese cat living in Bucharest.

Sakura said...

Thank you for the comment
You are always wellcome on my blog-I'm expecting you.
Best and all the good wishes