Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lake Rotoiti

Lake Rotoiti, My World for this week. Check out the other great places around the World
For my birthday we took the caravan away to Westport on the West Coast of South Island for a weeks holiday.
Our first night was spent at the beautiful Lake Rotoiti, a very deep cold mountain lake that is much used for speed boat racing and other water sports. The Lake is about 115 Km from Picton where we live, and is about halfway between Picton and Westport our ultimate destination.

We were greeted by a cheeky little Bush Robin, a bird seldom seen as it only lives in the Beech forest of which there is plenty around the lake. Our camp site was number 21 same as my birthday! The birds are all banded as they are carefully managed, trying to breed more of these lovely friendly birds.

There were many more camper vans both large and small like this one at the camp, all the foreign tourists like camper vans because they can travel at will and stay just anywhere around the country; freedom!

We walked down to the lakes edge and watched the people swimming near the jetty and thought of joining them, but decided against doing so. Glad we did cause when we returned at dusk we stood on the little jetty and watched the giant black eels swimming just where the swimmers had been, there were many more than I managed to photograph, the ducks and swans were not worried by the eels at all.

I went for a lovely cool bush walk among the ferns and native trees, I could hear lots of birds singing but didn't see many. We ae so lucky in NZ as we have no dangerous animals in our forests, walking is very safe and peaceful.
A lovely restful start for our weeks holiday.


Steffi said...

Really beautiful photos of nature!You are on a nice place!Happy belated birthday still to you!
Greetings from the cold Germany!


Rajesh said...

Beautiful place. The lake is very picturesque.

LadyFi said...

What an amazingly beautiful lake.

Bangchik said...

Its a beautiful lake and worth every penny of the trip. ~bangchik

Anonymous said...

Lake Rotoiti is beautiful. I shivered when I saw those eels. I wouldn't swim in that lake now knowing that eels live in it!

Amrita said...

Love the swan.

Congrats. NZ beat anada yesterday at the world cup hockey match.

I find it hard to read the light colored script in your posts because I have a eye problem

wenn said...

lovely scenery!

rainfield61 said...

Happy birthday.

And beautiful scene.

claude said...

Nice trip, Glennis !
Ten years ago and during ten year we went to vacation in motorhome.
We visited some very pretty place in our country.
Now we go to American every 6 years (our friends come here in the meantime) and every two or three years we go to Martinique island in the French West Indies.
We sold our motorhome to buy a beautiful car and for changing our manner to go in holidays.

Stephanie V said...

What a beautiful place and interesting things to see and learn - even the eels. I love the delightful bush robin!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

what a wonderful holiday glennis. if i travel there im getting a camper van for sure.
that looks so fun!

Gattina said...

What a beautiful place !

Jacob said...

A wonderful set of photos or your incredibly beautiful part of the world. That lake is very picturesque and I love the little robbins (never have seen any like that!)...the eels I find most interesting...will they hurt humans in some way?

Mark Kreider said...

Your lake shots a special. I like the perspective where the mountains meet the lake at the central point.

roughterrain crane said...

Very beautiful place. So many animals welcomed all of you. I guess the eels came out for your meal??

The Caffeinated Globe said...

We have passed along a blogging award to you. Please view this post on our blog:

January Asia
Steven Hui

Japa said...

Wonderful place to spend holiday.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

deepazartz said...

BEAUTIFUL pics,Glennis!

Thanks for your visit and comment in my blog.

Warm Regds