Monday, October 11, 2010

Wigmore's Waterfall.

Wigmore’s Waterfall Adventure

Today we thought we would go inland to see the Waterfall at Rarotonga.
Turned off the good main road onto a smaller back road going towards the mountains, passed by the old ruins of Sheridan Hotel that was very nearly built when some problem developed and the building work all ceased and has stayed ceased, the tropical jungle growth is gradually taking over the complex. Which is really huge many big buildings just left to rot away.

A big black rooster led us down narrow unsealed lanes.

Passed the tethered piggy growing fat for Christmas maybe.

Passed by many small island farms like this one with their field of taro, passed on by the banana plantation, and pretty soon we were there at the pretty waterfall where children were swimming. It was lovely and cool up here so we unpacked our picnic and enjoyed lunch on the big picnic tables.
Then I spent a pleasant half hour plucking pretty wild flowers and laying them out in a pleasing design, for a photograph, many others also snapped the arrangement. I had just finished flower arranging when a motor cycle policeman drive in to the picnic area, he stopped for a nice chat and warned us to be very careful to lock up both our vehicle and also our resort apartment, he told us there had been a lot of petty criminal activity recently and that we needed to be vigilant and not leave thing in the car in plain sight. We are very careful anyway, but we took note of his words. I asked him if he was going to arrest me for picking the flowers, but he thought not at this time. Just then another motorcycle roared into the carpark, the young chap on the cycle, seeing the Police jumped off his cycle and hastily scaled the rock face by the waterfall and vanished into the jungle, with the Policeman in hot pursuit. I doubt the man will get away because his cycle is still there and the police noted the number plate! We had left before either of them emerged from the jungle.
The waterfall is so lovely.


Marja said...

Oh glennis a lot of excitement going on there What a marvelous time you have .Here in NZ we had a hail storm today, so we could do with a picknick at the waterfall in raratonga

merike said...

A good story, will be looking forward to the flower arrangement:)

Ann said...

Hi Glennis,

Are you back at Picton?

Did you get any snow today? Bet you wish you are still in Raro Tonga.

Pooch Morning Glory said...

another beautiful spot. you always have the best picnic places

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Glennis: What a wonderful trip to the falls.

J Bar said...

Looks like a great place.

Barb said...

Well, you had lots of beautiful nature to see and some adventures with human nature, too!

Amrita said...

Lovely place to visit.

Taro is a tuber I think.

The posy is so beautiful

Ebie said...

Glennis, those are unique flowers! Very lovely indeed!

claude said...

Hi Glennis !
I love to see waterfalls.
We saw some in Guadeloupe Island and in Yellowstone park in America.
In the movie "Niagara" I love to watch Marilyn and the Niagara Falls.
May be day I should be able to see for real.

water fall said...

I love to watch Marilyn and the Niagara Falls.
May be day I should be able to see for real.