Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ship's Cove Picnic.

Ship's Cove Picnic with Bob and Jan.
After we had trawled for the scallops and done a bit of fishing, ( in the previous post) we called into Ship's Cove for a nice picnic lunch.
Ship's Cove is where Captain Cook who is credited with discovering the Marlborough Sounds and most of New Zealand really, he came into this quiet bay to beach his boat and clean off the barnacles that had attached during his long sea journey here. he also brewed up a type of beer from a native New Zealand tree, Manuka tree leaves to fend off the scurvy illness that troubled all the sailors on long sea voyages, and the brew worked.

There are lots of memorial signs set up on the shore to commemorate his visit to the bay.

Plus a big monument. with a set of canons from his ship the Endeavor.

We set out our food and wine in the sunshine on a special table shaped like a canoe sort of and ate our filled rolls and fruit and drank our wine, toasting old Captain Cook while we drank.

Then we had a little wander around looking at the Whare/shelter shed and the Maori bridge
A Whare is the traditional Maori name for house.
across the small creek with its carved posts.

There was a big Maori totem pole to examine too. it tells a story if you can read the carving, which I can not.

This bay is where the Marlborough Sounds Walkway starts that thousands of tourist walk every summer to admire the fantastic scenery and the lifestyle of the sounds people.
Soon it was time to race down the sounds in Bob's boat,for home to get back before the sun went down.

What a fabulous day we all had, must do it again soon.
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J Bar said...

That's a fascinating place.

Hazel said...

How nice that the brew worked. I read about Captain Cook when I was a kid. It's great to be reacquainted with him through your photos today.

jabblog said...

It looks an interesting place and what a lovely day you had for a picnic :-)

Anonymous said...

Where is admin?!

Tarun Mitra said...

Nice..it must have been a great outing )

Gwendolyn L said...

What fun. I am glad you shared your trip with us. Wonderful pictures. I would really love to visit your part of the world some day. Thanks for sharing.

Ann said...

I like to get some scallops.

Looks like you had a very successful day.

Amrita said...

Love th e blue of th e ocean

Lloyd said...

Wow! this place is so beautiful. Very peaceful.
I want to visit this kind of place, very relaxing.

Thanks for sharing this to us.

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