Saturday, January 22, 2011

Picton Maritime Festival 2011

Picton Maritime Festival

Picton Maritime festival unfortunately struck a very cold windy drizzly day, the weather was not kind, people stayed away in droves, but we went and enjoyed a lovely lunch on the foreshore with lots of others. We chose the Thai food stall and the food was delicious, we also sampled the King Salmon stirfry with noodles, also yummy, there were plenty of other interesting food on offer as well..
Met up with a couple of friends from Church, Noeline and Karen, always nice to find friends at these events to chat and laugh with.

Bought a few odds and ends at the small stalls along the road, and watched a rather chilling display put on by the Fire Service and the Ambulance Service, with an old car accident mockup with 2 victims that required the Jaws-of-life to cut them free.

Saw Captain Cook sitting motionless on the Foreshore, a gentleman sits there and slowly moves a little looking exactly like a statue.
The marine boating events were mainly cancelled by the weather. As this festival is totally free, except for food it is very sad that the weather and the crowd did not come to the party.

There was a big area set aside specially for the children with face painting and clowns among other entertainments. We liked the stiltwalkers that roamed around the small crowd.

A most unusual form of entertainment was the walking -on-water game where children were zipped into a big bubble and then were able to walk on water within a large pool, it looked such fun and it was free.
Later the music and dancing went on into the night, before there was a lovely fireworks display put on by the inter-islander Ferry Company, my poor photos do not do justice to the colourful noisy display!

Thats my world for this week.


Jan said...

Such a shame the weather was against the festival, as so much work would have gone into it. However pleased to hear you had such a good time.
Have a great weekend.

merike said...

What a pity that the weather was not good for this wonderful festival of which you have given us many colourful photos, thank you Glennis!!!

Marja said...

wow that sounds like a great festival even with dancing and fireworks in the end. We must hop over next year. Ashame about the weather. Here it was grey and cold as well.

Nessa said...

I like the long legged pirates and the bubbles in the pools.

roughterrain crane said...

Looks very interesting.
Take care not to catch a cold.

eileeninmd said...

What a fun time despite the bad weather. Wonderful photos from the festival and the fireworks.

Indrani said...

Wow! The bubble game seems to be fun!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

i would attend anything in the rain if they serve thai food !! good choice
i also like the pool bubbles and the pirates.
~laura x

claude said...

I do not know if walking on water in the big bubble is very easy. Nice festival, Glennis !