Monday, April 04, 2011

White's bay.

White's Bay

We took our caravan over to White's Bay for a short break, only 3 days but it was just so restful, very quiet and peaceful, we woke each morning to the dawn chorus of bell birds and other little birds serenading us..
There were very few others saying at the camp, mainly German tourists in camper vans, we found them very friendly enjoying their time in New Zealand, appreciating the wild remote places like this bay where only one person lives; the camp manager who comes around every evening to collect the fees.

I did a little rock climbing, which is amazing as I have a great fear of heights, the idea was to have my photo taken on the big rock, but then I found I just blended into the rock since I was wearing very pale clothes.
Also did some bird watching just the sort of activity to do when your not feeling very active.
Did manage to catch an Oyster Catcher wandering alone the waters edge. Because it is mainly black it is the Variable oyster Catcher.

Walked around a nice bush walk over a small hill to the opposite end of the bay to get the almost full halfmoon shape of the bay. While we were around here a lady arrived covered all over in tatoos, we were looking at them while she peeled off all her clothes and proudly walked into the ocean as nature intended, just like a mermaid. leaving my Husband and I gaping!!!! Seemed like a good time to leave - to me anyway.
You can see the Life guard building which has recently been renovated, its a very nice building now and available to hire, should you wish to sleep 10 people in bunks in one big room, not for me thank you.

Found a big Karaka tree ( a native NZ Tree) growing in the camp and was surprised to see it with a great crop of big orange berries, which are deadly poisonous in the natural state, but the Maori people do eat them if they are soaked for days then scraped of all the flesh, inside is a big stone with a delicious kernal which I think has to be cooked to be enjoyed safely. Have not tried them myself. I do hope children keep well away from the berries.


Barb said...

Glennis, I see you there - way up on the big rock! I think I'll pass on eating the berries, though they're pretty to look at.

Cloudia said...

Spring Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Barbara said...

Oh Glennis this is must beautiful, thank you so much for sharaing these lovely photos

İlhami Uyar said...

Dear Glennis,we will see like this landscapes after 2 month,very nice and clean seashore,probably we will be visit there,stay well,best regards.

İlhami Uyar said...

İlhami Uyar dedi ki...
Dear Glennis thank you very much for kind invite,you are very kind,I m very happy.We have 25 000 km among New Zealand and Turkey mostly far away,may be future time,if you have spare time I invite you Turkey.Best wishes and regards,stay well,I wish you easly in your jobs.

claude said...

Pretty place for camping, Glennis !

Amrita said...

Lovely place to be in

al bjornstad said...

lovely place!!!!! would not mind spending 3 days there myself.