Monday, July 04, 2011

Just had a go at burning the house down!
I put a big pot of lovely pears on to stew for our breakfast, in my prettiest big pot, I had turned it right down but the element was still going.
Erle and I suddenly decided it was a great time to go for a walk up the hill behind us, its such a perfect day, too nice to stay inside for long, so off we went.
Discovered there has been a new walkway path made that goes a long way up the big hill, it was pretty steep and narrow but a well made path, so we just had to follow it up to great viewing point with a fine view over Picton, we lingered enjoying the said view, without a camera to record it! Then went on further till eventually the walkway came back down again and branched off in several directions, we follow one of the smaller paths till I came upon lots of big bags of potting mix! Never a good sign when your in the middle of nowhere on a small pathway! We didn’t hang around looking to see if there was a small plantation of anything there should not have been, we just turned and raced back down and off the big hill then on home.
As we got close to home we could here this loud beeping, but until we got right outside we didn’t realise it was our smoke alarm going crazy!
I ran in and very quickly knew what a stupid thing I had done; leaving a pot of stewing pears with lots of sugar on the stove- a recipe for disaster, at least for the pretty pot. The whole house was full of thick smoke only one window had been open, but we quickly rectified that, with every window wide open we soon had the smoke dispersing and the red hot pot was cooling in the sink. When I checked the pot it was to discover all the enamel had come off the base, stuck onto what once were pears in the bottom, the pot is totalled kaput, muntered, but I decided it would make a great planting pot, so next spring it will be full of pretty flowers, so all is not lost, and our house did not burn down, but none of our close neighbours seem to have heard the alarm either, which is a bit of a worry I guess, we had better not to it for real next time. Should there be a next time which I certainly hope there will not.
Proves that the smoke alarm is working and that a good thing too.
But...... is this the start of Alzheimers!!!!! certainly hope not.


Small Kucing said...

smokes gets in your eyes? :p

glad things turns out fine and in gaining a "flower pot".


Al said...

Doesn't your alarm alert the security agency? So you would be notified?

PS. I forget the stove too sometimes :(

Barb said...

Glennis! Thank goodness it was only smoke and a ruined pot. It will be a good reminder when you use it for a planter to make sure nothing is left on the stove! The stewed pears make me hungry for some...