Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Aggie Greys Hotel Apia Samoa.a grand mansion rather like an old Southern American plantation house.

 Little bridge over a Water lily pond outside our apartment.
 Erle with Samoan statue in the garden
Me with an angry looking statue in Aggie greys Hotel garden.
Aggie Greys Hotel was very elegant in an old fashioned kind of way, also very expensive, especially to dine there, so we didn't! As we found the temperature so hot we spent a lot of the day lounging around in our air conditioned room reading. Til we swam in the pool and lay in the shade for  awhile, mid afternoon. Evenings were just the right temperature for us so we went out walking to find a nice restaurant for dinner.

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Pak Oncu said...

Nice place,,, long time u not write on this BLOG ,,, buzy may b....