Thursday, November 01, 2012


Erle has come around from the operation and is recovering, not sure if he will remember me being there with him though. He has tubes coming from every possible place and has been given a couple of lots of blood and lots of pain relief, I think he looks awful but they say he is doing fine and will be ok. I am so glad it has gone well.

People ask me how I am coping.... with Erle being in hospital after a huge operation, I say I am ok. Maybe not..... I just fed our poor little cat Porsche my muesli for breakfast, I caught myself before I got into the cat biscuits! haha. This was after I rang the hospital and was unable to get any news of him.

I have just been able to speak to Erle. he sounded amazingly good, helped a lot by the morphine drip ofcause, he says he is not too bad at moment though it hurts to breathe as his cut is from right up under the ribs down to pubic area. It was so lovely to be able to speak with, and no he didn't remember me being there last night. I shall go visit this afternoon.

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Cloudia said...

These are life's huge challenges.
Sounds like you are handling it well.
He knows, dear.

Bless you both.

Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
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