Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our big day out.

I have been doing quite well with the Shuttle, taking cruise ship passengers around wineries and other small tours, today is my day off so I decided it was time for me to have a day of fun and spending! 
We started out by going to Blenheim for a lovely lunch and wine at the Combined Clubs of Marlborough. Then we did a little leisurely  shopping before going and picking up my Mother and taking her on a surprise afternoon tea delight. Out to the wineries I had Erle drive us, to The Boulder Vines Village where we sampled a little wine and even nicer we had some tastings of Prezels Liquors, yumm. Then we got some scrumptious cakes and delicious coffees which we enjoyed outside in the only slightly warm sun. After we had taken Mother back to her Rest Home Villa and enjoyed an Icecream Parfeit with all the sprinkles and flavoured toppings we could get, we returned home to Picton to rest up for a while before heading out to the old Scow A.S.  Echo which has been made into a lovely Cafe right on the waters edge, where we settled down to more serious wine drinking and toasted sandwiches in the setting sun and up on the top deck. So perfect. 
A great day, its fun to spend some instead of just earning it!

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