Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pink Rain Jacket

New Zealand has enjoyed the loveliest long hot sunner we have had for many years, we have grown used to the long lazy effortless days, until yesterday when the Heavens opened and the rain poured down upon us again. 
That was when I suddenly remembered I was meant to buy myself a good rain jacket at the end of Winter, it had conveniently slipped my mind. So when I went to work in the shuttle and had to get out and load people's luggage, I got soaked!

Today, on my day off we went into Blenheim; shopping. I managed to get myself a bright pink rain jacket from Rebel Sports, it has a hood and will fold-up and go into its own pocket,  so will not take much space in the shuttle and more importantly will not restrict me when I am driving the shuttle.
Actually I don't think I have ever had a rain jacket before, so bring on the rain I am ready.

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