Saturday, April 13, 2013

Picton Escape Restaurant closing down Party.

Picton Escape restaurant  - Picton's most prestigious restaurant - dining is is or rather was a true gourmet experience, sadly Juliana has decided to close this great restaurant to concentrate on the boutique hotel side of the business. Life has become very full for her and she has not been very well, so ofcause this is the best option for her and I wish her well in her choice, but Picton will surely miss this restaurant. When customers in my Shuttle ask where is a good place to dine I tell them Picton Escape; not the cheapest option but the best dining experience.
 We, Erle and I were personally invited to attend the big closing down party by two quite different sources, although I should of been working on a busy Friday night I asked the boss for the night off to attend and I am so glad I did. We had a wonderful time.
The party was attended by most of the big business men of the town and surprisingly most of them knew me slightly as they have travelled in my Shuttle so right from the start we felt welcome, there was never a time we didn't have people around our table chatting and nibbling on the delicious gourmet food that keep coming out from. There was tiny filo chicken and Camembert pies, crayfish fondue, smoked salmon and many different special dips and breads, the treats just kept on coming out to our delight, all washed down with a fantastic sparkling wine. Then Eden, Juliana's Daughter sang a song that is very special to me - mainly for me as I asked her personally to do so, I was rapt.

 Erle enjoyed the evening as well but not as much as I did because he didn't really know many people there. I now am thinking when is the next party!

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