Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ngakuta Bay and Royal Spoonbill.

Went for a very pleasant afternoon drive around the Marlborough Sounds to Ngakuta Bay. Took some lovely sweet goodies from Picton Bakkeryij, a great Dutch bakery, to sit in the sun and enjoy.

 When we drove into the picnic area I spotted a beautiful Royal Spoonbill feeding in the shallow tidal mudflats,
Quickly I wound down the window and took lots of photos.
These are big birds, that are seldom seen. rather like a Heron but with the spoon shaped bill, used to sift out small crustaceans like wee shrimps from the water.
We probably only saw it at all because it was a quiet day with few people out and  about.

Then we sat and enjoyed out sweet treats and also enjoyed the scenic views all around us. A little black Fantail also flew around us, but vanished when I started my camera!


L. D. said...

It is such an interesting bird. We see them in zoos and in Florida.

─░lhami Uyar said...

I wish nice travels and entertainment

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