Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another day out lunching in the vineyards.

We had another most enjoyable lunch out with Pastor Judy and Wayne. Intended to go to la Veranda a French style winery and cafe, but unfortunately it was closed for the winter, so we ended up at Allen Scotts winery, the restaurant

food can not be faulted there, it is always fantastic.
The day was rather chilly but up on the attic level where the heat rises to, it was cosy and snug and we were the only people up there - even nicer, our laughter didn't disturb other diners!
Because we were ordering a meal we were offer a complimentary wine tasting. We scampered down those attic stairs giggling like a pack of school children to enjoy some of the wonderful wines made by Allen Scott. A  bottle of Savuignon  was purchased and I decided I needed a glass of bubbles as that was the wine I enjoyed most.So continued my wine tasting! Luckily Erle was once again our sober driver as he still can not drink more than a couple of sips of alcohol.

 I ended up ordering wild boar done two ways and really enjoyed it, the men both had the steak ; considered to be perfection, while Judy chose the pasta, she was not wild about the pasta as it was a bit dry but we did so enjoy our day out again. We feel this will become a regular event, there are so many different winery cafes we truly are spoiled for choice.

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Marja said...

Sounds yum Nice you had a good day
No rain at your place?