Wednesday, July 24, 2013

River waterways cruise Surfers

Nyle, Erle and I had a really nice cruise along the river and canals and waterways at Surfers.

 The cruise came with a great sausage sizzle to nibble on as we drifted along the waterways lined with very expensive homes of the rich and famous and a huge Marina full of wonderful yachts

Plenty of money floating here!.

Nyle's camera has a panorama feature, she took this photo.
We were given vauchers to get two for the price of one Churros and Chocolate to dip them in. We had never seen these before and we just loved the new experiance. We ate masses of them and a lot of rich sensational chocolate........ so much that none of us were able to eat any dinner that night


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Nyle said...

hehehehe I love how your comment of "plenty of money here" comes under my photo!!!
it was wonderful having you both here. Glad you had such a great time too.