Monday, November 04, 2013

New Leather jacket.

It is a public holiday here today, Marlborough Anniversary Day, most shops are closed. 
We walked down town to buy some buns for lunch, spotted one shop open with a rack of special goods out on the street. Among the items was a tan leather jacket quite fancy with all pin tucks down from and back, I looked at it without much interest as specials are never big enough to fit me, but, surprisingly it was my size. Tried it on and although it is a trifle big round waist and neck, and it could be longer I liked it so much that I bought it for the $50 asked! For that price I don't care if it is made in China and maybe any variety of leather, I really don't care what animal wore it first, I shall be wearing it next.... thank you.


merike said...

What a beautiful jacket, Glennis! I have got two leather jackets, both are black. One is too small for me so I must wear it open :D The other I have got on where I am buying the iPhone5. On my blog, We have got rainy weather all day today and yesterday was the same. The temperature will be +8°C. Cheers!

Jo said...

A really good and beautiful find at that price, Glennis. You look very elegant leather. I only have a biking jacket with armour plating so I only wear it on the motorbike! Have a great day. Greetings, Jo (East Africa)

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Karla Bathrick said...

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