Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas with the Pastor Judy and Wayne

Wonderful Christmas we had this year, at a loose end family-wise for both of our family's we decided to get together for Christmas Dinner. A week before Christmas  everything changed; Judy and Wayne's daughter -in- law who is expecting a new babe became very ill in danger of loosing the baby, she was ordered to have complete bed rest doing nothing specially not raising the other two little children, so Judy raced up North and brought the two little children back to live with them indefinitely; maybe even after the baby is born. A huge task for two very busy people, but they have coped very well, much better than I would of in same circumstances. 
Church Christmas morning was punctuated by small baby screams, but no worries all of us have had or still have children, eventually the tiny boy quietens and slept and we did hear the Pastors Nativity message.

After Church we Skyped my Daughter in Australia for a lovely long chat then we went to Judy and Wayne's home where Santa delivered the last of the children' s gifts plus a few other things and we settled down with a wine and some nibbles starters to enjoy a really lovely fun Christmas feast with a sweet little girl who only seemed to eat ham and pavlova and a sleepy boy who had a bottle mostly. 
The four of us had a great fun time so much laughter and wine I could scarcely move later when it came time to go home.... no I did not drive! Not that silly.
Bless them both for their hospitality.

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