Saturday, October 24, 2015

Punga Cove Resort and helicopter

While at Punga Cove Resort in the Marlborough Sounds, I threw myself into a hammock and as I lay sprawled in unlady-like grace in zoomed a helicopter with guest coming for lunch at the restaurant! At only $1500 a flight I do hope the lunch was spectacular.

It came in so low it was almost hidden behind the sun umbrella before is gently touched down on the heli pad.

Whilst I was still laying in the hammock I looked up into the huge Punga tree fern high above me and decided to photograph it too. These tree ferns are what the resort is named after, there are many of them on the hillside around the Cove.

We did have a lovely time while staying here, sadly I came down with a nasty heavy cold so didn't feel up to going out fishing or playing in the spa pools as we had intended. Being together is the important thing when celebrating your Anniversary, we drank several toasts to just that and also to My Dear Mother who we felt was with us in spirit some times. She was approving.


Jo said...

Happy Anniversary Glennis and hubby! My, what a glorious tree, the Punga is. And imagine flying in at $1500 for lunch? Mmm. Have a great time. Jo

Fun60 said...

What a beautiful place to celebrate a special occasion. Not sure about paying $1500 in travel expenses though.

diane b said...

Oh to have that much money to be able to go to lunch in a helicopter. It looks like you had fun before the bad cold. Happy anniversary.

Blogger said...

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