Wednesday, January 10, 2018

the tale of the sheepskin.

Sheepskin tales.

I decided I would buy a lovely sheep skin mat for my Daughter for Christmas, I found a really nice one with a little fleck at the tips of the wool and bought it. Brought it home and put it on the spare bed. Porsche our Burmese Cat found it and liked it, lay down on it and said thank you I like it its mine.
 I rather thought she would get tired of it  and I would be able to give it to my Daughter, but she only became more attached to it. 
The shop had since sold out, so I rang them and asked if they could get another one from some other branch of their shop. 
About a week later a nice lady rang and said a whole bin of the sheep skins had arrived and asked me to send  a photo of the colour I wanted, hence the photos.  
Next day she rang me and said yes there was just one of the skins same as I wanted, it had been right at the bottom of the bin which apparently was up on top of many other big bins of stuff. Then I asked her if she would  please go back and get yet another one! 

With a sigh she said ok. hut it would be a different colour and it was. Turned out to be a lovely black tipped one. Just perfect as I wanted to give that one to my Grand son for Christmas as he has just purchased a new home. I bought the  nice lady a tiny box of chocolates for all the trouble she went to on my behalf. She was amazed couldnt believe anyone would reward her like that.
I was just so happy we still have Porsche's sheep skin and My Daughter and my Grandson have theirs too. Win win all round.


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