Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Ring

The Ring.
On February 6th 2019 while on a picnic with the Senior Citizens Club I found a ring on a picnic table. I imediately slipped I on my finger where it fitted perfectly, and held my had up to the sun to examine what I had found. The solitaire diamond sparkled ad shot blue and other coloured lights everywhere it was obviously a very nice engagment ring. We finished our picnic and I told them all I would take the ring to the Police and hand it in as soeone would be missing such a lovely ring. So I did just that and fully expected to never hear of it again, though the Police told e if after 3 months it is not claimed it would be mine.
I waited2 weeks then visited the Police Station agai to see if there had been anyone ask about the ring. Amazingly they said only that day someone had contacted them about that very ring and if they could satisfy them that ir belonged to her she would be able to claim it. I was not dissopointed I was thrilled the owner was going to get back what was given to her with love, her engagment ring. The Police asked if I wished them to tell the person who had found it, I said yes as I would rather like to hear thanks for handing it in. Then the Police told me they had taken it to a local jeweler for a quick valuation and that the ring was worth over $5000 as it was a very good diamond!
Todsay I received a phoe call from the Lady called Brenda to say thankyou very much and very gratefully, and she said she wanted to meet me and could she come after lunch, I was happy to meet with her too.

In the afternoon this very sweet lady arrived on my doorstep with the biggest bunch of beautiful flowers in her arms plus other things like a lovely heartfelt worded card and cake of choclate, a bottle of wine and amazingly a $100 note, I was blown away by her generosity and thanks. She stayed and chated with us for some time. I gave her a couple of my painted rocks to take home and remember me. Such a great Blessing all around for us both she has her very sentimental ring back andI have been more than rewarded and surrounded with love.


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