Thursday, August 24, 2006

Erle's 70th Birthday Party

Erles 70th Birthday Party.

Erle, my Husband has just celebrated his 70th birthday, he doesn’t look his age, but his 70th has arrived and must be celebrated. His sister Daphne who lives in Townsville Australia, wrote several months ago, to say she would like to come over for Erle’s birthday.
After lots of thought Erle decided to have a nice Birthday Party to celebrate. My birthday last year held at Grovetown Country Hotel was handled really well and everyone enjoyed them selves, so they were the first place thought of for the evening’s festivities. My birthday was in the summer and we could all be outside in the Beer Garden, August is in the depths of the winter and far too cold to be outside for very long, so this party was all held in-doors in the lounge bar and dancing area of the hotel. Only the smokers of the group dashed out every now and again for a quick smoke.
Eighteen people were invited and 20 people attended – not sure how 2 extras turned up, but it all worked well and we were glad to have everyone there, the more the merrier. Daphne came from Australia, 2 came from Timaru and one came from Nelson to celebrate Erle’s birthday. Unfortunately Erle’s son and granddaughter from Australia were unable to come over at this time
The Grovetown Country Hotel had a couple of blazing fires going to keep us all toasty warm, Erle put plenty of money on the bar for everyone’s drinks, I kept the chips and dips and cheese and biscuits moving around the room, I love to do take the nibbles around cause it means I get to chat with every person there, and I can nibble while I chat.
It had been arranged that the Hotel would supply lots of finger food later in the evening rather than a sit down meal, and there was a great selection of good hot food that we all enjoyed.
I managed to get pretty merry on all the lovely Sauvignon wine, far more than I would usually drink so it went right to my head as it did for many of us. Was lovely that we all relaxed and had fun.
It was a lovely celebration, all our guests have returned home now, it is very quiet around here now, I only wish we held these party’s more often, I have suggested that Erle could have another 70th party next year and the year after, but he is not too keen at the moment. Maybe we will think of another good reason for a party before then.
Photo shows Erle and I as he cuts the birthday cake, which was actually a large Pavlova, big enough for us all to enjoy.

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Nyle said...

YUMMMMMMMMY that pav was to die for. I agree that you guys should hold a party like that for each birthday every year.....what a way to celebrate!!!! and it gives us all 2 good party bashes a year.