Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Holidaying in the Tropics
The next two days were spent really lazily on the beach swimming either in the lovely warm sea or in the not quite so warm pool, with its huge waterfall, and a bar in the middle, which did a great trade with all the non-Muslims. Muslims are not allowed alcohol. There were many, many Arabs at this resort, mainly from Saudi Arabia. The men stalked around very pompously and arrogant in the main, though some were on honeymoon and very affectionate towards their poor women who had to be covered from head to toe in a black Burka with just tiny slits to see out of. In such heat as this everyone felt sorry for these women, what the ladies thought no one could tell, most can’t speak English.
From our chalet we could only really see one other chalet and in it was a Saudi couple. Now she never set foot out the door without the burka, but she would go out on to the balcony with her husband and talk with Erle and I, we thought we had been truly honoured to be allowed to see her lovely face and her long hair that went way past her backside. Erle was careful not to address remarks to her or to say anything that could be misconstrued, language was the only problem, they were both very nice, while on that balcony. We all sat up there watching the monkeys playing in the trees and empting the rubbish bins messily everywhere.
We didn’t sit around crying into our beer at forgetting the credit card; mainly because it was Rum and coke that we had bought going through customs and we were drinking! All our dining was done at the Food Court at the Oriental village and lovely it was if a tiny bit hot for Erles taste.
The heat was always around 32C up to 36C during the day and it only dropped marginally during the night, apparently it is the same year round, and it is a hot steamy energy sapping heat that had a sweat on you all the time. Wouldn’t like to have to work in it, but its great for swimming.
After two relaxing days, and checking our small store of money, we decided to look in to the matter of a rental car.

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