Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blenheim's Historic Railway Station

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Blenheim's Historic Railway Station.
This old railway station is more than 100 years and has been in continuous use
even though it is not in the same place it was actually built!
About 4 years ago the main highway was re-aligned and the old Station was in the way so it was picked up and moved backwards 100 yards to where it is now. Now there is this nice blue archway and street lights in the walk up to the door. Now days it is the Information Centre as well as the train station.
On Saturdays there is a large Market, actually called a Car Boot Sale held in the carpark, beacause many people just sell their produce and bargains from the boot of their car, selling anything and everything. When I am not working, I usually attend this market to buy all our fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs for the week, plus we often pick up exciting bargains as well.

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Powell River Books said...

Thanks for the visit to my Mt. Baker post this week. The market looks like so much fun! I love those kind of things. - Margy

Marja said...

Ah nice market I love markets Here we got a simular one in Riccarton
I didn't know about the railwaystation either
Have to come back to Blenheim again. Great place

Gaelyn said...

So glad the building was saved and moved. Love the market. My favorite way to get produce and such, fresh and local.

Ruth said...

Nice that they made an effort to preserve the train station. Our city is too quick to tear down buildings. That market looks intriguing. I would be stopping for a look!

Hedgie said...

Hi Glennis, thanks for visiting my site Hedgie's Joy! at and also thanks for all your nice words!

Regarding your question as to whether we have Hedgehogs in South Africa, yes, we do, the African hedgehog. I myself now have 7 - Mommy and Daddy had 5 babies and what a business feeding all of them once they were weaned! (which happens at about 4-5 weeks)They have huge appetites but oh so cute!

You have a lovely blog and I'm off to the other one now to play with your fish in the fish tank.

Have a lovely day!