Friday, February 13, 2009

Victorian Bush Fires

Victoria's Bush fires.
Australia, New Zealand's close neighbour

We feel your pain.
Such devastation such lost o
f life.


Indrani said...

Very sad indeed!
The fury of nature! I was following it closely in the newspapers and TV here. Hope they tide over these difficult moments fast!

Catherine said...

So sad, Glennis.
We have some in the South of France in summer season.
Knowing that pyromaniacs sometimes cause such desasters !

Marja said...

Its unbelievable Glennis isn't it.
Hope it is soon over

Soul Searcher said...

Even though I an so far away the horrific and tragic images on TV bring us so close to the tragedy.

It is even more terrible that it was partly man-made

Merle said...

Hello Glennis ~~ It is nice to meet you, and also to thank you for your interest and concern for the awful fires we had a fortnight ago. I believe there are about 4 or 5 still burning, but not near homes, thankfully. They are predicting more will start on Friday, hope they are wrong. I would like to say Thank you for the fire fighters and huge helicopter New Zealand sent here to help. Glad you enjoyed the post.
Take care, my new friend over the pond!! Love, Merle.