Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our World

My World for this week is really our world.
We had one of our rare spending sprees, bought a slow cooker and a new digital camera, a Canon Powershot one so that we both will now have a camera, to take on our up coming cruise, and paid for our cruise tickets!.
Next day, I came home from working all day to find that Erle had made good use of the new slow cooker, he had created a lovely beef and vegetable casserole, he proudly carried it to the table to present it to me so I grabbed the new camera and took the first photo of him and the cooker full of a yummy casserole. We have since made several different casseroles but that first one was probably the best, though we cannot repeat it exactly because he says he just put a little bit of most of the jars of herbs and spices.


Luiz Ramos said...

Good cooking!
Beautiful your World.
Luiz Ramos

rainfield61 said...

What a week full of stories. 1st time is always the best one.

Stephanie V said...

Aren't slow cookers wonderful? We enjoy ours, too. Bon appetit!

Rudee said...

I need to replace my slow cooker. It's the perfect cooking equipment for a busy home.

Enjoy the toys you bought! It's important to treat yourself here and there!

Kleine-creative-Welt said...

Hello Glennis,
hmmm - delicious - I think the fragrance to smell -
the best wishes - Ruth

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

We use the slow cooker for herbal soups, Chinese style. Very handy.
Can feel the excitement there with the 'goodies' bought! Enjoy them.
Thanks for visiting.

Lorac said...

So nice to treat yourselves once in awhile! The slow cooker is the best! I have a New Orleans Chicken and Sausage Gumbo recipe if you are interested. We use the crock a lot.

Rajesh said...

Your world is lovely. Wish you happy cruise vacation.

Nyle said...

Erle looks very proud of himself...and so he should be. I love his cooking style...its just like mine!!! no measuring here, just a pinch of this and that. Fantasic.

Sue said...

Hi Glennis! You were one of the first people I met blogging. I was tickled when I saw your comment on another blog, I think, SecretMomThoughts.

I love this post and photo! He does look proud.