Saturday, June 05, 2010

On our way to Australia

Our views from the 8th floor of Surfers Paradise

We have family and friends in Australia, all in the hot tropical north of Queensland, so we were easily seduced by the advertised cheap fares. It was cheaper to book a 7-night trip to Surfers Paradise and go on up to Townsville for another week, than to just fly to Brisbane and handle our own accommodation. So we were happy to have 7 lovely days in Surfers paradise, I have not stayed there for over 40 years so I expected plenty of changes and I certainly found them! Back then, it was just a small town of single story buildings, I stayed in a small motel beside to beach, but that’s long gone.
Surfers now is: just a tourist haven, a concrete jungle, Theme parked to extinction, a jumble of highrises that block the sun, full of beach bunnies and topless at that, yes its all of that, though we didn’t see too much topless bathing as it was too cool, but Surfers is more than that. There is some great cafes, a beaut Casino, apartments for all at every price range, some of the biggest shopping centers I have ever seen, and ofcause the great beach, it also has still got the wonderful squeaky to walk on sand that I can remember loving so long ago, plus a lovely climate and lots of friendly relaxed people,; not all of whom are tourists, about half of them are fellow Kiwis who have made the big shift to Auzzie, to the warmer weather and the better pay that can be had over there. A few years ago we might well have upped -camp and moved over too, but now we are retired and happily settled in Picton, also a tourist town! Tourists are happy people.
We left Picton on the Bluebridge ferry and stayed over
night in Wellington, our Capital city. I had only just booked into the hotel when the leather strap on my handbag pulled away from the bag! Lovely, at 7pm at night and leaving on the 4am plane! But this is our biggest city, the receptionist told me to go to the railway station and look for a little Indian mans leatherwork and bag repair shop. I didn’t think it would be open still, but it was and he was more than happy to repair the bag while I waited and only charged me about $5.50 for his work, which was just perfect, I can’t tell where the repair was made now, so as I was delighted with the job I actually gave him a tip! Not like me who doesn’t believe in tipping ever, but I gave him $10 and told him to keep the change. He gave me a big smile and wished me a happy holiday.
Getting up and out to the airport by 4
am was hard but we managed it and had a good flight to Brisbane, it didn’t take long and we were on land again, but Erle’s library book was not, he left it in the pocket of the plane!
Its still there, if you find it send it back to us!

The bus took us to our accommodation, in a 12 story highrise! Half of which is cheap back packers and our half is much more expensive fully self contained 2 bedroom units with a balcony and a wonderful view. A trifle shabby and rundown, a good lick of paint would not go amiss, but still it was comfortable enough for a weeks stay. And there was a great big spa freely available to us, which we put to good use.
We were quickly unpacked and back out on the street
wandering down to the beach, it was too chilly to go in for a swim but it was nice just to get out feet wet and squeak the sand as we walked along snapping photos.

Views from the beach on an overcast windy day, still plenty of people on the sand and in the water.


Jan said...

It's great that you have had time to get started on your holiday journal..... and no doubt, like me, you really appreciate blogspot that we can write our memoirs for ourselves, and also share them with our friends.
Whilst I appreciate all that our overseas friends share, I also particularly enjoy anything I see about Australia. My son lived near there, but has recently moved to Sydney.
I appreciate your post, and may you have a truly blessed stay in Australia.
Hugs - Jan

Me-shak said...

Lucky :D Would have loved to have been there.


merike said...

Nice to hear what you have been doing lately. It sure is a big change to Picton, this city of sky scrapers. Enjoy!

elena marin-alexe said...

A beautiful country worth visiting Australia ....
A nice day, for you Glennis dear!

Marja said...

Glennis what a wonderful time youve
had It looks very modern.
Yeh we are loosing a lot of kiwies to autralia for the sun and the money but I prefer NZ Nice and relaxed
We are going to the North Island on holiday this year

roughterrain crane said...

I like to see the photo of a new town I have never visited.
Have a nice Sunday !

Nieves said...

I can see you are having a great holiday, keep enjoying and thanks for your post telling us about it!

wenn said...

australia is beatiful..i'll be there soon..

Ginny said...

I love these pictures and can't wait to see more and hear your continuing story! The buildings are so amazing, and numerous! It is so strange to see all those modern high rises right on the beach, kind of going straight from nature to man made in a few steps.

Ann said...

heheheh. The Indian repair man told me that the South islanders are very generous. First tip he had for years.

But that was very cheap, Mr, Minit would have charged you an arm and a leg.

If I do get a cheap fare, I will check the seat to see if your book is there.

Have a great holiday and enjoy the sun. I was there last Dec and Jan. I remember that Hard Rock Cafe guitar.

Pooch Morning Glory said...

hi glennis
the last hard rock cafe i was in, was niagara falls ontario canada.
thats about 3 hours from where i live.
looks like you re having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy

─░lhami Uyar said...

I wish perfect trip ,thank you nice sharing,with my best wishes.

Jacob said...

A most interesting and beautiful post. Not ever having heard of this place, it was especially fun to read of your experiences and look at your beautiful photos. You must have had a great time!