Monday, July 12, 2010

The return journey to Townsville

The return journey, back to Townsville.
We are heading back to Townsville today, but, we are in no hurry to leave this pretty place, and so take our time packing up and driving back through the township.
I had heard people speak of a town nearby by the name of Proserpine, a sugar producing town, every time I heard this towns name mentioned, the word "prosperity" sort of lit up in my mind, I just knew I had to go there, so I suggested that we make a small detour to visit this town, everyone agreed it might be nice so the detour was made. The town Proserpine is nothing special really there is a giant smokestack where the sugar cane is refined and lots of fields of sugar cane growing all around, plus lots of other fruits. We stopped in the main street, and Daphne remembered she knew someone here and dashed into a shop to see the person, while I dashed into a hotel and quickly dropped a coin into a machine, which turned out to be a 20 cent machine not a 1 cent machine and I got the feature immediately but also I heard the jackpot music being played and realized that I had won the Jackpot as well! I quickly cashed in all my loot and was out on the street feeling very prosperous, just as I knew I would be! Met up with Erle and Daphne and we all decided to buy a lottery ticket for the big draw tonight that with a prize of about 8 million dollars, just in case! The lady selling the tickets told us that the town had been named after the Greek Goddess of Prosperity and fruit, aptly named we thought.
We didn’t linger long before we were away and on the road to Townsville again, Erle drove again as he is most happy to do so, being an old taxi driver, and we could relax and know the car was in safe hands. As we traveled along we passed the time away dreaming of what we would do if we should win the lottery tonight. We had many suggestions but with the best will in the world we realized that we just could not spend that much money in our lifetimes and so don’t really want to win the main prize, however a small win would be lovely and welcome. Only so much money is really needed, it is not the be all and end all, nor does it bring happiness.

Decided to make another side trip to the city of Ayr another intriguing name really. This was quite a big city with wide streets and lots of trees and a wonderful unusual bridge that I couldn’t resist photographing as we drove on to it. We decided to stop for a late lunch at a nice pub, I like old pubs they have lots of character and characters in them. While our meal was being prepared I, ofcause, went and played the machines again, and had another lovely win, which I used to pay for all our meals and there is still plenty left over. I just seem to be so lucky at the moment.
After a nice meal we leisurely drove on toward Townsville, saw some signs advertising fresh fish and decided it would be just the thing for dinner, so Daphne directed us to a Seafood Supermarket down in the docks where the fishing boats come in, I used the remainder of my winnings to buy up masses of giant Prawns and Scallops to have a real feast of them tonight.
I can tell you that seafood meal was truly delicious and something we can’t do at home, prawns are all frozen and small back home, scallops are plentiful though and we like them.
Sadly I must report that even our hopes for a small win in the lottery were dashed, in fact the big prize was not struck and will jackpot to next week, we had fun checking off our tickets in the hope.


Anonymous said...

I live near Ayr in Scotland and was surprised to see another in Australia. I suppose early settlers came from Scotland and named it after their home town. Enjoyed reading of your journey.

J Bar said...

Great shots. I've been to Cairns but not to Townsville.

reanaclaire said...

Wish I could visit Townsville one day.. heard about it but not yet visit to the place yet..


Self Sagacity said...

I can't wait until I am able to just cruise hurry to go anywhere...sounds like you had a great trip.

Jan said...

Enjoying your account of your trip.
I've only been as far as Airlie Beach.
Hugs - Jan

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading of your journey. What luck to win the jackpot in a town, the name of which resembles prosperity!

Ginny said...

I really like the bridge picture. Wow what a winning streak. I'm so glad you are having an even better than expected trip!

Barb said...

Glennis, I liked your upbeat post - you are a winner even if you didn't win the lottery!

Nessa said...

One of our family names on my father's side is Ayr.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!