Monday, July 19, 2010


Townsville, last few days, the final installment!
Back in Townsville again with a very much happier Daphne, Erle’s sister, the holiday has done us all good.
Daphne bounced out bright and early as I prepared again the huge bowl of tropical fruit salad for our breakfasts, she said “right folks what are we going to do today? Where would you like to go, is there somewhere in Townsville you haven’t seen yet?”
The empty rock pools,

After a bit of discussion we decided we should go for a swim in the rock pools on the Strand beach. The rock pools are not quite natural, they have a concrete base and lots of rocks all around the sides but the sea still flows in and out tidally keeping the water nice and fresh but warmed by the shallow water over concrete, sounds a great idea to us, but first we all decide to take a nice walk to the nearest shopping centre to pick up a few supplies for lunch.
After lunch we were away to the rock pools, and some disappointment, as the pools were completely empty, for maintenance. However there is an area with a stinger net around on the main Strand Beach, not nearly as warm or calm but we thought we should still give it a go.
Erle walked first down the beach and stopped to ask a man coming from the ocean whether it was cold in the water. The man said “no mate its just fine and hey are you a Kiwi, so am I.” So the two of them stood there chatting a few moments and discovered that the man’s parent lived next door to us at our last house, and are good friends with us! It’s a small world isn’t it!
We had a nice swim. It was not particularly warm, bracing in fact, but we still enjoyed swimming in the ocean. Then quickly home again to shower off the sea water.
Decided we would go out to the big Townsville RSL for a meal tonight, it is about 2 kms from Daphne’s house and we thought of taking the car, but Daphne said no we shall walk, it will do us all good, we can all enjoy ourselves and have a drink, then get a taxi home. Such a long walk certainly developed a good thirst and a hunger, we did plenty of window shopping along the way so the walk went quite fast.
Because I have had such a good run of luck, I decided to try my luck again with the poker machines, and quickly won over $100! Hard to believe! I drew out all the winning very quickly, I am not really much of a gambler, and went off together to the restaurant.
So after we had a particularly lovely meal, as its our last night together, I sneaked out without Erle or Daphne seeing and paid for the meals again. I do believe my run of luck has been for doing just this, not for keeping for myself. However I did let Daphne pay for the taxi, I am more used to receiving not handing out money in a taxi!
Next morning, we packed all our luggage and Daphne drove us to the airport, it could have been a real sad parting, but Daphne parked in a not stopping lane to let us out, so we quickly gave each other a big hug and said very quick goodbye and promised to do it all again soon, and a happy Daphne drove home while we happily boarded the plane for home. What a great holiday!
Thank you all for being interested enough to read of our hoilday, we are about to embark on another one in Rarotonga, cook Islands!


Jan said...

Yes, it has been lovely following your great trip, and it does seem to ahve done Daphne good too.
Look forward to your next adventures.
Hugs - Jan

wenn said...

ya, a quick hug is better.

Barb said...

Great vacation and it seems you all had good luck (esp. YOU!).

Ginny said...

It's been great following your trip with many memorable blog posts! How long will you be home before you leave again for the next one? I'm already looking forward to that. I can't believe all your gambling winnings, it's astounding!! And it's so sweet that you are so generous with them!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your trip; thanks for sharing the details and photographs with us. Interesting that you should run into someone whose parents are good friends with you. It is a small world. I always get reminded of how small the world really is.

claude said...

Happy to read about your holidays, Glennis !
In Guadeloupe Island in the French West Indies, we go for a bath in a natural hot tub.
Water is very hot because the volcano "la Souffière". Sand is hot
and the water becomes cooler by the ebb. When the flow goes away the sea becomes very warmer. That is very good for my old bones !!!

roughterrain crane said...

You really had a good time!

Nieves said...

Congratulations about your lovely holiday Glennis though I see you are planning already your next one instead of having a rest for a while! That is really great!

Pooch Morning Glory said...

what a great holiday.... thanks for sharing. it is always fun to read about someplace i have not had the pleasure of visiting... yet!

fufu said...

oh i wanna go to the beach now... but it's winter now here in brazil ><