Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Market Day Rarotonga

Punanga Nui Market Day.
Today is Saturday, the big Punanga Nui Market Day in Avarau the main township on Rarotonga, so we were up reasonably early fed the fish in the lagoon breakfasted and went to catch the bus to Town. When we got to the reception area where the bus stops we saw two men with a very long extension ladder propped up against a very tall Coconut palm. They were there to remove the large bunches of coconuts hanging dangerously near to where people stand and also to the units. Falling coconuts, particularly from the tall palms cause a lot of damage in the island. One man was holding the ladder and the other right at the very tippy top, fortunately holding on tight with one arm, when the ladder started to slip and slide and then out of balance fell down to the ground with a crash, the poor man at the top just simply swung himself on to the trunk of the palm while he held on to a frond with one arm, as quick and gracefully as a monkey. He then started shimmying down as all the island youths seem to be able to do, even though he was middle-aged man. I called out for him to wait up while a got a photo, and he did so, loads of others waiting for the bus rushed to do so too. Could have been a terrible accident right before our eyes, but all was well. Both the men then proceeded to shuck the nuts and open them for all the many children gathered. We had a go at doing this and it is far too hard for us, takes a lot of strength and talent.
Bus dropped us at the gateway to the big Island Market and we happily went shopping for some vegetables and fruit like bananas, a pawpaw and tomatoes and lettuce. We wandered around looking at all the lovely black pearls some very expensive and some at as little as $5 each, I near bought another but I just love the one Erle bought me last time that has a pretty ring around it. I have been swimming in the ocean here with it hanging around my neck and it now has the most lovely pink lustre about it, so much so that a couple of pearl sellers told it was a lovely pearl, so I restrained myself, when you already have a good one why waste money getting another probably lesser one.
I photographed a big black rock that was all carved on every side in the middle of the market area.
Decided to buy a sarong, I do have some but it would be nice to have one from Cook Islands, so we made a grand tour of all the sellers looking for just the right one at the right price, finally we got a lovely one for $12 which I thought was reasonable, quite a lot of work goes into the painting and decorating of these sarongs.
We watched some more lovely island dancing that was the entertainment for the day, lots a little kiddies all dressed in grass skirts learning to wiggle their hips and dance, it was just delightful. Once again we bought up plenty of delicious ethnic food that we so enjoy, then we went out looking for a good place to rent a vehicle which we want to have for a week from Monday morning, there are so many to choose from, we don’t really want a scooter or a common car we want something different. We have heard there are some odd 3 wheeled cycles that have 2 wheels at the back for greater stability; maybe we will go for that if we can find them. Sadly the wonderful fun-mobiles we hired last time we were here are no longer available.
We flagged down the bus to go back to the resort, and were very soon out in the lagoon snorkelling among all the little fishes for the rest of the afternoon. Saw the whales frolicking outside the lagoon in the ocean again.
As this is Saturday night we decided to go out to a restaurant for dinner. We chose Alberto’s Steak house, we enjoyed some meals here last time, and we enjoyed ourselves again, the Swordfish steak was just excellent and the service quick and efficient even though they were very busy with a full house. As the resort was only a short walk away we could easily wander back home even with a few drinks under our belts!
Another great day, in this Island Paradise.
PS to my Cook Island visitors to my blog, welcome, do leave a comment and or become a follower; there will be more posts from here.


Ginny said...

Great pictures, do you have other blogs, or is this the only one? It's the only one I knew about. The coconut destruction is quite fascinating! Gosh, you haven't posted in ages!

Barb said...

What a fabulous market - a sarong would be wonderful! I really like the rock carving, too.

Amrita said...

Lovely phots Glennis. I love fresh coconut the water is very refreshing and good for health.

Jo said...

Good to see you again, Glennis;) I love the way the man held on while you took a photo! I think a coconut on the head from that height could kill you. Mmm, the lettuce at the market looks so crisp. Have a good day. Jo, North Africa

Ann said...

You learned to climb the coconut tree? What is that reality show they do in NZ TV. You can apply to take part. LOL

How often do you go on holidays?

My friend went on a cruise organised by her friend's office. First, they had to reschedule, then when she went, some one got sick, and they had to hold back the ship by one day.

Me-shak said...

Lovely pictures Glennis. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.


Eden said...

The picture of the coconut tree reminds me of my childhood memories. I miss to eat fresh young coconuts. Great photos and I enjoyed this post.