Monday, September 20, 2010

Our wheels in Rarotonga

Our Wheels in Rarotonga.
We got the phone number of a rental firm that hired the 3 wheel scooter/cycles and tried phoning them, but unfortunately we didn’t know you had to dial 9 for an outside line! So some poor person in Unit 225 got an early morning wake up call on Monday morning…. Oops. Finally got the right firm and they sent a car to pick us up. They showed us these weird 3 wheel scooter things, they have two halves, the base that stays solid on the ground and a top section that sways and wiggles from side to side, the man said it was quite difficult to master.

Erle has ridden motorbikes most of his life so he thought he would be able to control this strange vehicle, so hopped on it and wobbled wildly from side to side before he gingerly moved slowly forward with the bike swaying every which way, before he had time to get it under control it wobbled right into the side of a truck! He wasn’t hurt as he was hardly moving, just knocked a little piece of paint off and dented his pride a little. Erle said it was the oddest feeling, but he would of got used to it pretty soon, however I said to the owners, put that oddity away and bring out a nice convertible! Neither of us had ever had the luxury of a drive in a convertible, with the wind in our hair and all that.
We drove away with big grins all over our faces with that said wind blowing our hair around, an excellent deal, we are going to enjoy driving this, or rather Erle is, I didn’t buy my license over here so must not drive.

We took it straight back to our apartment, picked up our picnic lunch salads, buns and drinks and also our snorkeling gear., Off we went to Muri Beach, where we wanted to have our accommodation and couldn’t. Ah its so pretty round that way the beach is lovely and the small islands keep it nice and sheltered from the breezes, we checked out as many places as we could before settling on a nice private beach.

Erle could hardly wait to get his hands under the bonnet and tinker with the engine!

We saw this quite rude show-off, big carving while we were looking around.
We laid out our picnic on our big swimming towels and were just about to eat when 2 scooters and another car pulled in to the same nice private beach and preceded to also have a picnic or change to go snorkelling. Not a problem really, with so very many travelers staying on the island there is probably no where you can be alone for long. We lazed on the beach in the sun for a while before moving to a different cove to try out the snorkelling, we found there were less fish but prettier coral in the bay we chose, so there are differences as you move around the island. Each place is good but some are clearly superior.

We had been told to be sure to go out to the Big Game Fishing Club while we were here, so tonight seemed a very good time. The Fishing Club is about on the opposite side of the island from where we are at Edgewater, but that’s not a problem when you have a car. Now that we have been there we have to also say it is a great place to go for an evening drink, the prices are very reasonable, especially during happy hour, and there are lots of locals drinking here, its great to have a chance to chat with them, and hear tales of life in earlier times, specially the fishing trips. There is also a fantastic restaurant built in an old beached boat, The Flying Boat, they really do make the best freshest Fish and chips with salad, this is also very reasonably priced, I am sure we will be visiting here frequently while we are on Rarotonga. This place suits us perfectly on a warm balmy evening, we watched the sun go down as we ate and drank our wine and enjoyed our fish in crispy batter.
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Sorry we did not take a photo of the strange scooter.


─░lhami Uyar said...

Have a nice trip,w evisited with yours nice places and seaside,thank you for nice sharing,greeting from Turkey,regards

Anonymous said...

The beach looks wonderful, as does the sunset. I had hoped to see a photograph of that strange-sounding cycle!

smallkucing said...

wow...sandy beach...relaxing and calm

Amrita said...

That 's wonderful. Did you take photos of the cycles?

Roxxy said...

oh lovely place and lovely sunset! =)
Have a good day, hope you could visit my blog too!

Jenn said...

Lovely stretch of beach. Nice sunset too. Looked like an over all nice trip for you.

claude said...

Hello Glennis !
Your phone number story reminds me a days at work I called a man in Cooks islands and I think I woke up him also.
Two years ago we wanted to vosote a small Island near Guadeloupe in West French Indies. No car in this Island. We we rented a 2 wheels scooter. Oh my Goodness ! My butt remembers that so still.
The beach is very beautiful and the sunset too.

Me-shak said...

Lovely, pictures. Especially the sun :) Looking forward for more.


claude said...

No, Glennis, the olds wells do not work anymore. In the garden of the house we had on vacation there was a well and my grandpa drawed fresh wather from depths.

Anonymous said...

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Nieves said...

What a lovely trip and I love your beach and sunset photos, they are great. I am waiting for reading more about it. Keep enjoying!

eileeninmd said...

A lovely trip, I love the photos. Especially the sunset, what a gorgeous sight to see.Sounds like you had a great time.

Ann said...

You didnt opt for side car and do a George and Mildred double?

It is good you that that little sports car to zip around.

Anonymous said...

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