Monday, October 24, 2011

Kayaks and sail and Brazillian show night

Today we decided we would go out in the kayaks right after breakfast. The day was already hot, just walking down the beach in the soft sand to the kayaks was tiring, then standing around waiting for our kayaks also seemed very warm. We had to don big life jacket vest that also heated us up, but once we got out on the water in the pleasant breeze it was all worth while, we paddled up and down the beach and had fun splashing each other. We had intended paddling on around the headland to see what was around the corner. The man in-charge of the kayaks said there is a golf course around the corner but it is totally out of bounds we had to stay within sight of him or he would come and tow us back to shore! So we did stay within his sight and behaved ourselves. it was great fun.

Erle decided to book a sail boat for the afternoon as he enjoys sailing, so do I but I was already sunburned enough for one day and declined to join him. I suggested that Scott might like to go out sailing with him but the two of them were going our to the Elephant park to ride the elephants. We did this for free right here at Club Med but they had missed the visit of the elephant to the complex.
This is the last day at Bintan for Scott and Rafaella, so they took the opportunity. We are going to really miss our friends they have been so much fun, it has made our holiday so much better.

I spend a lovely quiet peaceful afternoon reading in the shade of the coconut trees with cocktail in hand , I just watched as Erle sail right up to the rocks at the end of the beach, and then have the embarrassment of being towed back by the man in-charge of the equipment. He enjoyed himself apart from being towed home by the man with the jetski! He tells me the wind caught him unawares as he raced along and didn't notice how close he was to the rocks.

In the evening it was a Brazillian night on the stage for our entertainment, very colourful, noisy, energetic,and entertaining and very much Rafaella's thing, she was disappointed that she could not join in with the dancing from her homeland, but she is still in the wheelchair unable to put any weight on the ankle. We did stay on for the party afterwards and enjoyed the fireworks and more dancing and also some nice Brazillian type cocktails, yummy.


İlhami Uyar said...

Have a nice entetainment and holıday,stay well,best wishes

Marja said...

Hi Glennis That brasilian sho looks very colourful.All great fun. Are you still on holiday You are already of of NZ for a while isn't it. Good on ya to enjoy your life!

Maree said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely gorgeous time Glennis! But paddling on around the headland sounds like just a bit too much to me!! Lovely pics, makes me want to go kayaking!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

it does sound like you had a truly enjoyable day. i wish you more of those