Monday, October 03, 2011

Our Friends accident in Bintan

Rafaella's unfortunate accident.
The next morning after a lesurely lovely breakfast we strolled down to the Panorama Bar with our books for a Latte. Hadn't been there long when Scott hurried in looking very distressed and upset he told us that Rafaela had gone over on her ankle awkwardly, while playing badminton last evening and now had a very painful badly sprained ankle and was on crutches. He said they were also in a room way up on the 3rd floor at the other end of the complex, almost next to where we had been placed. he said it took him hours to carry Raf up all those stairs last night and down again this morning. He asked just how we managed to change our room. We told him how tto do so, and said should they not have a room to change them into we would change rooms with them as we are now rested and quite able to manage now.But I also said to take Raf back to the hospital and ask the lovely Doctor Olivia for a wheelchair as i remember how hard it is managing crutches, specially on stairs.
About an hour later Scott came and said they now have a wheelchair and a new room almost next to us on a ground floor. Top marks to Club Med, managed beautifully.
We decided to swim after lunch today and in the pool so we could stay sitting under the umbrellas with poor Rafaella who was in great pain and all bandaged up. We were able to watch the water aerobics all the energetic people were doing.
Later when we returned to our room, we got a lovely surprise to see a monkey on our balcony, nibbling on the crusts we put out for the squirrel. We knew there were monkeys around, but this is the first we have seen.
My camera was cold and when I got it outside it flashed with steam that is why the monkey photo looks so foggy
We still all were able to go to the evening show and have a good time, it is so much easier for Raf and all of us now she has the wheelchair to move around comfortably in.
It was nice to have a lazy relaxed day around the pool.


Cloudia said...

hope it all works out, Glennis

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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Small Kucing said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's accident. It's nice of you to offer to change room. Glad everything sort out by itself in the end

Al said...

I hope your friend gets better soon.