Sunday, September 16, 2012

Old Outrigger Hotel, Apia.

We called back into Agggies and inquired about the cost of rebooking in there and were quoted a very reasonable price...... until after several questions we realised that it was quoted in US$! is this even legal to quote in the currency of another country? I was very unimpressed and told them so as we were leaving fast. Maybe another day it might be in Japanese yen or South African rand who knows. Too confusing and that ofcause was why they spoke in foreign money rather than Samoan Tala.
We had spoken with someone who was staying at the Old Outrigger hotel so we set out to find it, after some losing of way we did find the Outrigger, it turned out to be a backpackers, but that was not a problem, we booked in and the receptionist took one look at us and put us in the best suite in the house, with en-suite and all, a huge great room at the front of the house, very nice too, except for no air con except a big fan which we used continuously to keep cool.
There was a good swimming pool, not as great as Aggies pool  but still very nice and we enjoyed a couple of quick dips.
 Later, we walked down the road  to just the best Pizza place we have ever had the pleasure of eating, it was fantastic and didn't take long considering how very busy they were. We ate it around the pool like all the back packers were. The other mainly young people  were all staying in the outside fales, these ones had quite solid matting sides and were large and spacious except for the fact that so many backpackers piled in, it was lying down room only. They were happy.

A small ground bird; a Crake I think came to the swimming pool for a drink, it was obviously very thirsty. The little bird perched on the smooth rounded edge of the swimming pool and reached right out to get a sip of pool water, got one tiny sip so stretched a little bit more ...... and ....... plop head first into the pool for a swim! I was in the pool at the time and could see the poor bird would never be able to get back out again on its own, so a got the pool scoop for leaves and followed it round the pool til I managed to scoop it out where it promptly flew away into the bushes and safety. My good deed for the date.

I suddenly had a brilliant brainwave, as we had a communal kitchen here, why not get up early, go to the fish market and buy some fresh  lobsters. We could cook them up while we ate the lovely tropical breakfast that we were provided with. This worked very well, much to the jealousy of all the others who could smell the lobsters cooking. So we had our lunch for the day when they cooled down. Yummy.


L. D. Burgus said...

It sounds like you are being flexible with the planning and having a great time.

Web-OJ said...

Is that rainbow fish for real?It's a beauty.