Thursday, September 13, 2012

Samoan countryside

 Our renal car, it went well, but we managed to get a puncture and then we found the spare tyre had been padlocked in to stop theft, not very handy for us, we couldn't change the tyre so had to drive back to Funway rentals to have it repaired. They were so good to us. Repaired the tyre gave us a drink and some banana chips and a cool shady place to wait while the repairs were done. Nice people. No charge for this service.

We hired a car, a huge great Rav 4 as it was the only one available at the small car rental firm  near Aggie Greys Hotel. Took it for a quick run around the marina area and managed to get lost, kind of, and ended up driving for many miles around the coast and the countryside, past a lovely waterfall right up to a huge dam and the big lake behind it. Finally we decided to turn around and drive back on the same road. Mostly there were no nice sandy  beaches just rocky coastal beach.

Stopped and bought some bananas from a family along  the way Mother and 3 kids helped us chose a good bunch and it was only 2 talla very cheap we thought. They lived in this home in the trees.
Tthe Lemafa scenic site was a nice veiw of the countryside back towards the ocean. This young man was carrying coconuts in baskets on the nd of a pole, he didn't mind us taking his photo..

We came back to the Marina area and stopped for a drink and a snack in one of the nice cafes at the port. very colourful area.


Jan said...

Amazing the spare tyre locked,Glennis, glad you found such a helpful repair firm.

Sounds like a wonderful holiday, and you have some great photos to take home with you.

İlhami Uyar said...

I wish nice holiday,I m curuosity when I didint hear longtime I m very happy ı hear nice news,with my best wishes,stay well

Kobi Ko said...

Here in the US, a Rav 4 is sort of mid-sized and my Mazda MX-5 is so small other drivers often don't know I'm there!

L. D. Burgus said...

Thanks for sharing you adventures.

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