Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beautiful Ha Long Bay Cruising.

As the adverts say; awake surrounded by the beauty of the Ha Long Bay - and we certainly did, it was so surreal so peaceful and serene and beautiful.

There is a Dragon Master  lady Tai Chi up on the top deck taking classes, I had never seen Tai Chi before so I was not very good at it, but I enjoyed the stretching and movement so early in the morning at about &am! before I went down and joined Erle for an extended breakfast. 

Today we are to go visit a fishing village, we are meant to mountain bike to it, the guides say I don't think so to us, so we just roamed around on shore then took the tender boat back to the ship when we were ready, a little Vietnamese girl had been assigned to us to keep us safe! She was sweet and anxious to improve her English so she chatted to us all the way. She took our photo, in fact many of them! We were able to relax for an hour or so! before lunch.

After lunch we are to go to a beach for an afternoons swimming. Nearly everyone came along, several heavy drinking Auzzie men took a chilly bin full of beer cans and they threw them around while they were swam. Never seen that done before, they had great fun though., so did we but without the refreshment.
After dinner on board Au Co we were able to just laze and enjoy a couple of the free drinks as we watched the evening slowly close and night slowly arrived, we spent a good while chatting with our new pals, Dorothy was not feeling at all well and stayed in her cabin for the evening. 
There was Squid fishing for the men when it was dark enough, not that much squid was caught, in fact I think only about 2 landed on the deck.


Roan said...

Hi Glennis! This is a beautiful place for a holday! I've never thougth of squid fishing before. Sounds like soemthing Hubby would like to do. Lovely photos!

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